When Cheating Strikes a Couple.

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Cheating seems to be common to every relationship— may it be to an opposite or to a same sex relationship. We cheat for different reasons and alibies just to convince others and even ourselves that we were able to do it for certain valid reasons and that we did not just do it simply because of lust.

For some I know who went through this exhausting confrontations of ‘how in the world could their respective partners afford to hurt them like that’ and based on my first-hand experience as well, we could cheat because at some point in the past our partners caused us immeasurable emotional pain so we want to seek revenge, ‘coz they were so preoccupied of their work that they did not even left us a small portion of their time to listen to whatever we would like to share to them, ‘coz along the way we got bored, felt unhappy and unsatisfied since they are most of the time tired from work, ‘coz the fire is no longer burning but cannot manage to leave coz we know that we are everything to them and leaving could ruin them which we cannot afford to see, and for some other reasons I do not know yet. However, are these alibies enough for us to have the right to cause someone so much pain? that could even result to losing his/her self-esteem. After doing such, what are our plans for the days to come? Continue? Get caught? And then what? Ask for forgiveness? Promise not to do it again and live happily ever after? Since we did pull a person down, the toughest challenge now is for us to lift him/her back. It is not as simple as we thought it is and it will never be.

It may be a cliche to say but the damage has been done; when trust’s gone, everything will never be the same again. However, even that both of you might be two different people this time, as a couple, both parties should have an honest talk and should have a clear view of where the relationship is going. If it’s never too late and both decide to save the relationship, then talk about the problem and move on. Discussing, arguing and going back to that same old issue will not help you reach your goal. If you decide to continue, that of course doesn’t mean that everything should be forgotten but should mean accepting and acknowledging each lapses and contribution to the problem so it won’t happen again. We should believe that there is still love, and you should work together to save what is left and cherish it so it will turn out to be the love that is sweeter the second time around.

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