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Dear Steemians,

PEvO is about to hit the live stage with its first Meetup on the “Future of Open Science“ in Hamburg (Germany) on Tuesday, September 26th!

Building an open source platform and a non-profit organization that is supposed to disrupt the scientific publishing industry, where research is funded by public funds and where distribution of and access to scientific work is mainly controlled by private-equity firms, is a not-so-easy task.

Freedom of knowledge

To get this task done, PEvO needs support from scientists that have the will and persistance to fight for what I call the freedom of knowledge.
The distribution of and access to scientific knowledge should not be restricted by the profitability targets of for-profit organizations like Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, Springer and so on.

Wouldn‘t we be better off if access to proven, constantly reviewed and interactively discussed scientific knowledge was free of charge?

Topics I'd like to talk about during the Meetup and afterwards

  • What is PEvO: Publish and Evaluate Online and Onchain
  • Status Quo of academic publishing: processes, costs and the future
  • Decentralizing academic publishing
  • Building a new reputation mechanism
  • Should a scientist‘s reputation and the fruit of her/his work almost entirely depend on the impact factors of the journals her/his paper appeared in?
  • What should science's incentivation and research money distribution systems of the future look like?
  • ...and more

If you want to meet us in person and be part of this endeavour, join our meetup group and discord chat and let‘s fight for the freedom of scientific knowledge and revolution of how scientists are credited for their work.

Feel free to organize PEvO Meetups and become a PEvO ambassador in your own field of work! I‘m happy to help you.

Time & date

September 26th, 07:00 pm


Pony Bar at the University of Hamburg
Von-Allende-Platz 1, 20146 Hamburg

pony bar.jpg

Please resteem and forward this event to your friends and open science enthusiasts.



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Could you check the discord chat link ? I think its broken as of your current post edit.
EDIT: I found the link - https://discordapp.com/invite/btKpzxB


arghhh, thanks @zinovi and welcome to our discord chat :)

Lovely!!! Greetings from Vienna and Good Luck!

Is it on Steem blockchain? I wouldn't be surprised)


Yes, PEvO will be on the Steem blockchain. There are many features we are working on, for example a reputation algorithm that is designed specifically for scientists from scientists. For more details on the features we're adding to PEvO, check out our white paper


upvoted dear

This is brilliant. Yes it would be awesome to live in such a world. Can't wait for this project to kick start. Science is an incredible tool for future discoveries and therefore should be easily accessible to all.


Thank you for your feedback! Your absolutely right. We've already managed to gather highly motivated experts for this project in our discord chat. Feel free to join as well

YESSSSSSSSSS!!! We need this to happen so badly. Highly appreciated reporting.

You got my vote and a resteem :)


I wouldn't mind getting a concert ticket @taylor.swift :P

Totally agree with this initiative @shak , i will be following your posts with interest..))


Thanks! We've made so many great achievements already that haven't been published yet - so please stay tuned! The more people share the idea of free knowledge the more chances we have to one day succeed in our endeavour :)

It would be wonderful if science could be shared freely for all.

I wish I will be there to see thing for my self.....nice post. upvoted and followed and resteemed.

Unfortunately, I cannot be in Hamburg at that moment. Otherwise, this would have been with pleasure.


Thanks @lemouth, your help is highly appreciated. There are many more meetups to come :)

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This is the first time I'm ever heard of this concept - it's very exciting! I wonder how it would interact with systems like the REF (Research Excellence Framework) in the UK? Until it were recognised by REF it would be very difficult for anyone to truly move over their publishing to it as people are literally faced with losing their positions if they don't satisfy REF standards.

Really Amazing ur post😉
Good luck my frind @shak👍👍

Ok @shak. It is interesting to be able to socialize scientific knowledge without restrictions

@shak thnx for putting this information all with each other..

This can put an end to bogus pseudo science claims and fake scientists reeking in money by scamming people. 👍
sharing it


@kiaazad, I think what you are referring to is the problem many scientists have observed and call 'overflow'. Overflow of scientific publications can lead to a lack of robustness and trustworthiness in scientific research. Open evaluation can prevent scientists from trying to make their publications hot and sexy to get into a high tier journal.


I'm referring to those water have memory, homeopathy, Feng shui and astrology claims. an easy to access database for what's scientific and whats a lie can put an end to all of them.

@shak Very well performed for sticking at it! It is just a new strategy for lifetime therefore you are modern-day pioneers. Adore it..

Upvoted :)
Your Post is nice thanks for sharing :)
I started following you .. please follow me back @Rabody so I can support you more.

Hope I can learn more of Pevo.

Hey man! Found u here :)

@shak Thanks for sharing :-)I am following
Best of Luck !.