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Hello fellow Steemians, 

PEvO is evolving! You haven‘t seen or read much from us lately, but we are working on the first crucial steps to revolutionize scientific communication.   

The steemit community is growing fast and so is the number of scientific research results submitted to scientific journals. Do you know how long it can take to get one‘s hard work published after the submission? No? Don‘t worry, nobody really knows, because that‘s how scientific publishing works to date. Scientists even consider publishing their research results on digital archives instead of submitting them to scientific publishers – they are practically trading off speed of publication with distribution to the masses.   

Guess what! With PEvO and the steem blockchain we can do both. We are creating a decentralized digital immutable archive and at the same time distribute scientific knowledge to the masses: the steemit community – a mindful community that stands for content creation and freedom of knowledge.

Approx. two weeks ago I‘ve had a very interesting interview with Nataliia, who‘s an associate researcher at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) in Berlin. The interview was about the Revolution in Science and it was published on
Elephant in the Lab, the blog journal on science policy. Please have a read and let‘s revolutionize science together!

Interview „Revolution in Science“ with me :)

Looking forward to your feedback and support! 

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Thanks - look forward to seeing where this goes

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i liked your post....

Fascinating initiative! This is the reason why I joined Steemit in the first place - enabling interesting projects like this to happen

Personally, I think Steemit has the potential to help entrepreneurs grow their companies simultaneously with their Steemit presence.

Join forces, share your projects, find talents and curate each other's contents!

Shall you be interested, follow me and my journey through this initiative :)

Greetings! You're right: you've been quiet lately. What is happening with Pevo these days? I'm in the process of possibly launching my own academic career, and this is something I'd like to know about, and possibly something I'd want to be involved in.

Sangat bagus postingan anda, follow me tjunaidi

ı am following you

I like the way you have explain this related to science. Its awesome. It is of course science from which we are getting benefited.

I wanted to ask you if you can present a webinar, if i plan for a webinar in blockchain and PEvO tech, as an introduction..
how can we be in touch?
and how can we discuss more about the conditions you accept for sharing your knowledge?
if interested please contact me with this Email:

Thank you

Interesting, I'm so much looking forward to it.

Great publication

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