[Job Ad] Scientific advisor - you will form the future of scientific publishing

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We are a group of idealists spread all over the world, who work on changing the process of scientific publishing and evaluation.

Publish and Evaluate Online is going to be a non-profit organization ẃhich creates and maintains a product which will revolutionize the scientific world.
We work remotely with tools like Trello and Discord, and in small local groups where possible.

We're looking for scientific advisors with extensive experience with scientific publications, reviews, and the surrounding circumstances like reputation (Impact Points).

We offer you a key position in a trend-setting organization, which is poised to shake up the antiquated structures governing work in academia.
Financial compensation can initially be provided in the form of cryptocurrency, we hope to be able to offer regular permanent positions in the near future.

We're looking forward to your application by email ([email protected]) or on discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/btKpzxB)


Good chance! I will take someday.

thanks a lot for apps that have been applied above. I really like it, and this application is very helpful for posting. Thank @pharesim

Regarsd from me in Aceh @muliadilibra

Informative post @pharesim, I would like join this scientifict group according my hobby as science researcher, this will improve all scientist thinking to find a new things in future. Support scientist

I'm a recruiter, send me a message if you need any help. Upvoted and resteemed for you. Best of luck in your search!

Wishing you all the best to get the right candidate as scientific advisors in this new project.

Always great to see innovative ideas here at steemit, upped. You have my support.

Nice post @pharesim i wish you get best scientific advisors soon.

really a god idea and group maitancing revolutionize the scientific product sure @pharesim sir i wana to part this wonder ful and great group

Upvoted and resteemed sir hoping that you might get your desired scientific advisors from my followers.

I read this article recently about an academic who wanted to prove that academic journals are often a complete farce. He wrote an entire paper that was completely nonsensical.

He just used important sounding words and stuff, but he didn't prove anything or make any contribution whatsoever to the body of academic work. I don't think he was saying that all academic journals are a farce, but it was interesting anyway.

These are called predatory publishers these days. You pay for "open access" fast track review process, they charge around 1000 USD depending on context and journal. And they just don't care about the content. True academic publishing is biased in other ways. There is so much wrong with it, I wouldn't know where to start! ;)

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