No problem :) If you could spare a witness vote on @untersatz, it would be much appreciated. !witness-vote-check katrina-ariel

@katrina-ariel, these witnesses you have voted for have retired (or are running a zombie server):

luzcypher, poetsunited

You have 0 witness votes left to use.

You are voting for: adsactly-witness, arcange, ats-witness, c0ff33a, crowdwitness, c-squared, curie, dsound, enginewitty, followbtcnews, gtg, guiltyparties, helpie, jackmiller, lukestokes.mhth, luzcypher, oracle-d, patrice, pfunk, pharesim, poetsunited, reggaemuffin, roelandp, steemgigs, steempeak, steempress, thekitchenfairy, themarkymark, ura-soul, wise-team.

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Well, looky there. Guess I have a couple of votes to change. Cheers!