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I adopted a kitten!

After spending over an hour with six rescue kittens yesterday, I brought one home. This has been a long time coming, as I’ve been down to one cat for a few years now, and have always loved having two kitties in the house.

I’m so excited. Because kitten! She came with the name Marie, and I added Sophie to the beginning to it. All my girl cats get princess names. I’m a writer, and love names. It’s fun for me.

So she is now Princess Sophie Marie.

There are so many cats who need homes, and I have a home. I’m glad to share it with feline companions. These pics could be better, but it's hard to take photos of a kitten who won't stay still!


I adopted a black kitten, partially because black cats tend to be the hardest to find homes for due to ridiculous superstitions that gave black kitties a bad name. They’re just as good as any other cats, and the rescue I was working with has something like fourteen black cats looking for homes right now.

Pawprints Animal Rescue is a local rescue that helps cats all over British Columbia. If you’re feeling generous, rescues like this are always in need of donations, no matter how small.

cats playing

cats playing

My Toby cat already loves her, and Sophie loves him back. It didn’t take long for them to become friends.

Toby has missed having a companion, and I’m thrilled they’ve taken to each other so well. They started playing soon after they met. Toby sits at the door of Sophie’s temporary room waiting for me to let him in, like he's saying, "Would you let me be with my new girlfriend already?"

kitten and kids

My kids love her, too. They take turns playing with her.

I’m super impressed with Sophie’s ability to take everything in stride. She’d never met kids before, but my two boys don’t bother her a bit. She’s a great fit for our family.


Princess Sophie is playful, but she’s also very gentle and super lovey.

It took me a long time to decide on which kitten to bring home, but I know I made the right choice. She’s happy here, Toby is happy, the kids are happy, and I’m so full of joy I’m glowing.

kitten love


Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your own kitty pics in the comments.

Whatever happens, keep singing your song!

Peace. @katrina-ariel

Katrina Ariel
All photos mine.

Author bio: Katrina Ariel is an old-soul rebel, musician, tree-hugging yogini, and mama bear to twins. Author of Yoga for Dragon Riders (non-fiction) and Wild Horse Heart (romance), she's another free-spirit swimming in the ocean of life. Check out her music here:


Katrina’s writing website

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Wow, you have a really beautiful....small carnivorous mammal 😽 See @saffisara I’m being very good 🤗

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Ha! You made me giggle. And yes, she really is a beauty. Thank you! :)

How cool. I have been known to make disparaging remarks about cats from time to time but the truth is I've had several and like them just fine.

I know what they can bring to a house and I'm really glad to see you have another in yours.

"Stinking Cats" Almost nobody knows that I've always said that to my cats, as a term of endearment.

Ha! Some people are dog people, but tolerate cats. I'm a cat person through and through. I also love animals in general. So good to see you, thank you for coming by and saying hello! :)

What a wonderful addition to the family! We are thinking along the same lines since the unexpected, and sad, departure of one of our feline friends. We were just giving enough time to our other feline housemate to adjust to the loss. Your post has reminded me that it may well be time!

Aw. It's so hard to lose them, but I think providing another cat a home is a great way to keep the love alive. I hope you find just the right kitty for your family. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

Wonderful news, and she looks like a small version of my own, beloved Bear boy!!!

Black cats are the best. I love all cats, but black cats are the best. Bear and his sister and littermate, Siesta, picked me.

And who am I to argue?

Siesta went to my then-husband, during our divorce, while Bear became my little love and best feline friend.

And, lo these many years later, he still is, and hopefully will be for some years yet to come.

So happy for you, for Toby and your boys, and especially for Princess Sophie Marie.

Every cat deserves a loving forever home. Thanks for opening your heart and home to this little one.

I'll try to add a photo of my Bear boy later on, when I have access to my laptop.

Bear sounds like a love. And, yes, black cats are so beautiful! I'm happy I chose her. She's such a sweetheart and I'm so happy she likes it here. I totally get what you mean about the cats choosing you, too! :)

That's so awesome! Such a pretty kitty too! Came across this on #pypt, and I'm glad. This makes me happy to read! We recently adopted a little back kitty as well - a tiny thing that was just over 1 pound when we found him under a dumpster. He's now just over two pounds and doing great!

They're a nuisance to photograph! lol. They're black and they don't sit still!

Ohmygosh! I'm so glad you rescued him. Black kitties are the best, but you're right, they make it hard to get a good picture. Thanks so much for visiting my post. :)

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Princess Sophie is so adorable

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Aw, thank you so much! :)

awww what a cutie! I have a kitty named Sophie too!
Miss you!❤️

It's such a great name. :) Miss you, too. Life is busy, but I'm thinking of you!

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