Our Pets Leave Impressions That Last a Lifetime

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Snoopy was a very special cat. I adopted him in 2004 when he had nowhere to go other than an overcrowded shelter. I lived alone, and he made an exceptionally great companion.

We had an evening routine we enjoyed. After I was done working for the day and came home from the gym, we would get comfortable on the sofa together and enjoy relaxing music and a good book.

When my wife moved in with me, our lifestyle changed a little. Cable TV and internet were introduced into my home -- two "luxuries" I had happily lived without for the four previous years. So Snoopy didn't get nearly as much quiet time with me as he used to, but he loved my wife and gave her the same devoted affection that he had always given me.

We moved 250 miles away, and of course, brought our beloved Snoopy with us. Our cat family grew after we moved into our larger home. We added Chloe, then Junior, who I will write about at a later time.

We had no idea that Snoopy was terminally ill. He gave no indication he wasn't well. In March of 2011, my wife and I went on a week-long Caribbean cruise. One evening shortly after we returned home, we found him lying dead in our living room. We were shocked and grief-stricken. Our most beloved animal companion was gone without a warning. I called in sick to work the next day to hide away in my grief. But it took me several weeks to completely heal from the loss of Snoopy. To this day, he still has a piece of my heart.

An autopsy revealed that Snoopy had cancer in his kidneys. If he had been feeling pain, he did not reveal it to us. All he showed us was unconditional love. I had him cremated and I built a beautiful oak urn in which his ashes are stored. That urn stays in our living room, where he will forever be close to our family.

Thank you for reading this post. It felt good to write about Snoopy and keep his memory alive. If you have lost a pet you loved, you can understand my grief. Feel free to share your stories with me.

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it's sad to hear that. I have ten cats at home. :(
God bless him :)


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My mom has ten cats at home - and that is just counting the indoor cats. There are three or four more that hang out in her garage. She is the crazy cat lady and she knows it! That is how I grew my love for them. And thank you for your kind response!

Ive lost two cats this year. Its never easy these creatures offer so much unconditional love.




Wow, two cats? I'm sorry for your loss. That would be devastating. They are such loving creatures. Thanks for your comment!

I'm glad to hear the kitty had a good life and is now in "kitty heaven". Much love for spirit!


He had a great, comfortable life with plenty of love. And I am sure he is in heaven.

Sorry for your lost.. I'm a lover of pets and i can feel your pain..


Thank you!

och jag har kat som heter HUGO

I t is so hard to find an affectionate cat...I lost mine too a few years ago.


I would check the local shelter. There is surely a loving cat that would make a great companion.

So sorry to hear about this but it also seems he died just living life which I think is good. I couldn't imagine life without my two cats. They really are members of the family.


Yes they are members of the family! Thank you for your response.

I'm glad you have fond memories of Snoopy - he's a sweet-looking cat. Cats can really work their way into our hearts! They hide pain so well. I had a cat die while I was out of town, too. Recently, the same thing happened to my sister, with one of her cats dying while she was out of town.

A friend of hers, who works with a lot of animals, says this is a thing with cats. It's like they don't want their people to know or worry about them. I have a little cat cemetery in my back 40 - if we live a long life, we will lose a lot of pets. Treasure them while we have them - like you did with Snoopy!


That is really strange how they wait until we are gone. It made us feel terrible that we couldn't be there with him, keeping him company as he took his last breaths.

Thank you for your most kind reply!


You're welcome!

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