Why do cats hate oranges?

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Cat owners that want to keep their cats off the bed as a matter of privacy or hygiene have employed the use of orange peels. It’s well known that cats hate the essence of orange peels and will avoid places that carry this smell. So what is it about orange peels that cats hate so much?

Super Sensitive Smelling

Cats hate the smell of orange peels because of its pungent aroma. With their heightened smelling capabilities, the scent of an orange peel is amplified tenfold. Cats will follow their noses and will avoid places that carry pungent odors, such as mint, ginger, orange peel, vinegar, toothpaste, and medicinal oil.

Some cats may accidentally encounter and smell orange peels, an immediate retreat can be expected with some cats even turning up their noses to express disgust and even retching. Some cats also show similar reactions to cat medicated oil.

Other Smelly Annoyances

Cats have an extensive inventory of smells that they would rather avoid. Many of these undesirable sources are everyday items such as soaps, perfumes and hair sprays. Some of them may even carry harmful chemicals for your cat or kitten! Cats will never receive these smells with an amicable response and it’s best to create a neutral smell in the household.

Lemon and other citrus fruits also prove annoying for cats. Some pet parents like to use this to their advantage and spray lemon-like scents on furniture surfaces in order to prevent cats from approaching precious pots or using the sofa as a scratch post.

It’s best to minimize the use of annoying smells, pesticides, strong perfumes, camphor, iron oils, antiperspirants, and mint-like odors, are also hated by cats. Pet lovers should understand their cat's preference to scents, your cat may surprise you when exposed to certain smells.

Cats are unique and vary greatly, while they may carry similar odor preferences, different cats will also have different levels of tolerance. For example, some cats may accept the smell of orange, some will not. Using smell to deter a cat doesn’t always go to plan and it’s best to find out what your cat likes and doesn’t like, to create a stable and comfortable environment.

What else do cats hate?


Because a cats' hearing is much more sensitive than humans and several times more sensitive than dogs, a slight wind or grass movement will enter the hearing range of a cat and alert them of any potential dangers. Considering this level of sound sensitivity, using a loud hair dryer close to the body emits a huge noise that is unbearable for cats. Loud noises are stress inducing and should be kept to a minimum in the household.

Sudden Scares

Cats also hate being scared. Sudden movements, excessive force when opening and closing the door, doorbells, the noise of sudden friends visiting, children shouting, can all cause the cat to be frightened. If your cat feels threatened and scared, you may see it stand up suddenly, stand tall, run away and hide, showing signs of fear and nervous emotions.

Being watched

People who don’t own cats or haven’t been around many may have experienced this: Visiting a friend who owns a cat, it may be a surprise to see a cat leap onto your lap. People who avoid cats are inadvertently approachable as cats like them due to a person’s lack of fixation and eye contact. Staring at a cat makes them feel threatened. Regardless of familiarity, it’s best to avoid constant staring at your cat to prevent intimidation.

Cats feel comfortable at home and won’t mind a long gaze, but this may be misinterpreted at times. If a cat turns away and looks elsewhere to ease the tension it may mean they feel timid in this situation. They might even close their eyes and meditate, thinking deeply with their hearts: " If I can't see you, then you can't see me ... "So, when you're going to meet an unfamiliar cat, put a bright smile on your face and don’t stare for too long!

Cats can be a little too nervous at times, but this is what makes them loveable and cute bundles of fluff. Meow!

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