Petals flowers collection. Dahlia to remind you of the Petals Contest. Rules and recommendations.

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For our collection today we want to propose this flower: the Dahlia.

The Petals Contests






Reminder: You can put your flowers photos all week but our selections will be on Sunday(Rosesopenweekend), Monday (Flowers), Wednesday(Pinkflowerday) and Friday(Yellowflowerday).

Our Rules

1.Use the hashtag #petals and the hashtag of the contest you want to participate #flowers #pinkflowerday #yellowflowerday or#rosesopenweekend
2.The TITLE of your post MUST include The contests of Petals + name of the contest
3.Vote the post of the contest you want to participate (The last post with the winners)

Only if you follow these three rules can you be considered for our weekly selections and authorize us to use your photo (in case of winning) in our post The Winners!
Some recommendations

For more visibility of your post paste the link of your post in the comments section of the contest you want to participate.
Because it's a photo contest, only the quality of the photo is judged. Anyway a few text lines under your photo is required.
Resteem is not a must but will help to increase the contests rewards.


Awards: All the SBD that will win the Post (with at least 5 SBD) will be devided in 75% to the authors of the winning photos, the rest of 25% will go to the editors.

@Petals. A new community flourishes on Steemit, an idea of @adrianobalan and @sardrt. Help us reward the quality contents with little or big donations and delegations of Steempower. Because we are sure that beauty will save the world!

Follow us also on DISCORD @Petals


beautiful flowers photography

Wow!! These photos are just gorgeous!! Thanks so much for The contest of Petals!! ❤

many thanks

You got a 36.44% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @petals!

You have to know about petals and crowns of flowers!

You must know the difference

Such lovely shades of orange! My #flower entry today is also orange. The beautiful blooming aloes in our South African winter home


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