Petals contests. Updating the rules.

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Hi Stemians! You have posted some fantastic flowers pictures and choosing the best photos is not easy at all.
Thank you for your participation in our contests!
We want to remind you of our contests and update you on the rules.
iPiccy-collage r.jpg

Reminder: You can put your flowers photos all week but our selections will be on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Our contests starts on:

Sunday- #rosesopenweekend (ends on saturday)

Monday- #flowers (ends on sunday)

Wednesday- #pinkflowerday (ends on tuesday)

Friday- #yellowflowerday (ends on thursday)

Many beautiful photos wasn't considered on our various contests because didn't follow the rules. Only if you follow these three rules can you be considered for our weekly selections and authorize us to use your photo (in case of winning) in our post The Winners!


  1. Use the hashtag #petals and the hashtag of the contest you want to participate #flowers #pinkflowerday #yellowflowerday or #rosesopenweekend
  2. The TITLE of your post MUST include The contests of Petals + name of the contest
  3. Vote the post of the contest you want to participate (The last post with the winners)

Very important: Not following the 3 rules will exclude you from the competition!

Some recommendations

For more visibility of your post paste the link of your post in the comments section of the contest you want to participate.
Because it's a photo contest, only the quality of the photo is judged. Anyway a few text lines under your photo is required.
Resteem is not a must but will help to increase the contests rewards.

(Please pay attention - only original photos. Who will use non original photos will be reported to steemcleaners and risks the flag).

Awards: All the SBD that will win the Post (with at least 5 SBD) will be devided in 75% to the authors of the winning photos, the rest of 25% will go to the editors.

We wait for your photos and, if you want, follow us also on DISCORD @Petals

@Petals. A new community flourishes on Steemit, an idea of @adrianobalan and @sardrt. Help us reward the quality contents with little or big donations and delegations of Steempower.
Because we are sure that beauty will save the world!

Thanks for your attention


Have Resteemed this so that I will have the rules handy, and so that I can remember to participate sometimes! Been so busy all around - working on my taxes too! It’s that time of the year in the USA!

Thanks, let's wait for your beautiful flowers!

Wow @petals I try to submit my entry too and here's my sample my original fkower photography.


Hope you Like it @petals thanks

Thanks for your participation.

the flower is beautiful, so wherever i see it i love it ..👍😀

I have trouble finding the post that I need to upvote. Where should I look for it?

Hey @melinda010100 every week there's a winners post for every contest: sunday for #rosesopenweekend monday for #flowers wednesday for #pinkflowerday and friday for #yellowflowerday you can find all of them on our profile :)


My unsolicited 2 cents.

It might be easier for folks to track these posts if you started the titles differently. Right now everything starts with “The Petals” but some of these posts are just about cool flowers. You can figure it out with a minute of concentration, but upon first looking at your page it is confusing to know what to do. It might be less confusing if the contest posts were titled Yellow flower Friday contest - The Petals. Or Pink Flower Day Contest - The Petals. This would break things up visually and make it a bit less overwhelming to people new to Petals.

Obviously it is your page, this is just a suggestion.

Love the flower photos. Thank you for starting this page and for hosting the contests.

🌸 🌺 🌹 🌼

@dfinney, I second your suggestion, I am still confused about the rules, hahaha even though Melinda explained it to me as well. I think you make a very valid point.

thanks for your suggestions

thanks for your suggestions.

hi @melinda010100 is the last post of the winner (Pinkflowerday or Rosesopenweekend, or Yellowflowerday or #Flowers) depends on which category you want to participate!

hi @petals, i would like to join your contest, the link below is my post of the flower photograph. please visit ^_^

Upvote this and follow me back? @a-0-0

Hello my entry is here,i think i have done it correct and followed all of the rules,thank you

Thanks for your participation.

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