Brushed Pink Rain Lily

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Habranthus martinezii Also Known as "Rain Lily" "Mini Cherry"

After recent rainy days lots of pretty little faces of the Rain Lily have started to pop up all around my garden. These flowers I found seeds on one of my walks and spread them around, now after a few years of taking the seeds and scattering them around the garden I have quite a few areas where they pop up after the rain you only get flowers after rains, this may occur during any time of the year!

Rain Lily

An absolutely exquisite plant which thrusts up close-packed bunches of delicate white/cream trumpets, soft-etched outer petals brushed in pink, making it appear more pink at times than the white/cream petals. In our warm climate you will see them pop up in unusual places with seed being carried off in the high winds, or by collecting seeds and testing them in your garden.

Rain Lily

By doing some research it appears these plants originate in Argentina, favoring life in the southern hemisphere, easy to grow, thriving in almost every position I have planted the seeds, the only thing I have found eats the plant is a black-yellow striped worm we get once a year, these worms start at the leaves and work their way down into the bulb, flowers appear to be resilient to drought.

Rain Lily

Habranthus martinezii are not very tall growing reaching 25-35cm, with a mixed classification of Half hardy bulb, Half hardy perennial, what I do know is they make a very pretty show wherever they spread themselves out in lush green leaves and soft flowers that last a day or two before disappearing till the next rains arrive.

Rain Lily

Oh they love warm climates, our area appears ideal, so when you see a flower that offers bulbous seeds after flowering, allow them to dry out slightly on the stem, collect them and plant them anywhere in the garden, flowering several times during the rainy season, spectacular flower serenading you after the storms.

Thought for today: The bee is the doctor of flowers. ~ Congolese Proverb

Pink Flower Day @petals

All photography my own, taken with a Canon PowerShot SX730 HS


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A very fitting name for these beauties, "Rain Lilies" and I love the Congolese proverb Lady Joan! Blessings!

A gentle bloom with a joyful face, always a pleasure Stephen.

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Here we find ourselves in a Nebraska winter. I miss the flowers.
Your photos are beautiful. :)

Looks forward to seeing your photography in snow, it helps me cool down on hot days @rebeccabe

Lilies are beautiful even though it's not expensive.

woow so beautiful and so fresh.... i can feel smell lol

Very refreshing little faces @michealclauri

They are so beautiful!!

Flowers that uplift your spirit.

They really do!

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Interesante que florecen después de la lluvia, si las riegas no florecen? id kryptonia @reyos69

No, solo la lluvia favorece la floración.

2nd Pic Looks Too Beautiful Waterdrops On Flower 😍

Early morning after the rains, shortly after the sun was out again.

would look great in my Mom's garden, but probably wouldn't survive Colorado winter. Bitter cold here today.

Sounds like they love the southern hemisphere LOL.... Not sure you will have to look around at local nurseries @deathlyhorror

Cold up North, we may be having rain, but humid as hell down here in the South when the sun comes out....

Small touch of pink, lovely

Yup very pretty @psyceratopsb

All flowers are great but after a rain the number of flowers everywhere is spectacular to see.

Some areas carpets of flowers make stunning display @richard78624

Waaao Lovely clicks loved the droplets

Rain had just stopped and sun came out shortly after @clicked

You captured them amazingly

very beautiful. The droplets of water on the flower looks fantastic.

Walking outside at the right time @kcherukuri

Beautiful flowers, beautifully photographed.

Thanks for visiting @daved64

Wonderful, perfect flowers. These drops looks like flowers tears. Yes, we have lilies here too, and I love those flowers . My name is Lilija so how i could not like them, LOL

What a lovely name Lilija

Haha kinda funny that u planted them urself and do the research about their origin just now hah :D THey look beautiful tho! :)

Have others in the garden, similar history about being adopted into my garden @matkodurko

Plant, enjoy, research 😊

Wow, what beautiful flowers. I like the gentle color transition.

Delightful to see and delicate to touch @eto-ka

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Lovely colour on the flower and thanks for sharing the useful facts about them :)

Waltz of the Flowers

Yes it is Absolutely exquisite
The pink so soft
They are gorgeous
Thank you for sharing these with us 😊

Flower power 😊 😊

I love all the water droplets you can see!

Kissed by the rain!

The photos with the water drops are so beautiful, they look so delicate!

Very delicate petals @vanessapineda7 blooms do last 3 to 5 days, will offer seeds and possibly flower soon again.

Flowers give so much beauty to the world

They do bring so much joy.

Sooo beatiful and the water drops makes them very fresh and alive

“Raindrops are like fairy whispers.” ~ Unknown

They are so beautiful @joanstewart, now I know the name in English for the flower I had in my back yard grow wildly. Thank for sharing this with us. #steemitbloggers

I have been putting seeds all over the garden of late, so glad you found the English name @el-nailul

They look very nice

Have a great day Ian, thanks for visiting.

These Rain Lilies do look beautiful with the rain drops on them. I had no idea this was their name, I was just naming them lilies.

We always referred to them as the rain flowers @lymepoet

I have never heard of this coming at any time of year, but in California they have flowers in the desert in March. But the flowers are only good if the rain came at the right time and hard enough. People track this and tell you when to come. One weekend they are there and the next they are gone.

I'm so happy for you to have these sprinkled all over. What a wonderful gift of nature.

On our West Coast we have the Namaqualand Daisies in Spring, I have yet to visit when this happens Sharon, we are East Coast dwellers, conditions completely different.

Ah, I see. I usually like the west coast better for the dryness, but any coast would be good right about now!

Very nice looking specimens for sure, you are blessed to have such a green thumb and good photo skills.

So delicate almost look out of place in Africa, soft flowers like this I imagine in soft pastures of the Alps region in Europe.

It really is amazing how flowers can show up and seem "out of character" , I know there are plenty of cacti that have beautiful flowering blooms and are in the hot dry desert. Mother nature must have a sense of humor for sure.

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The flower looks very delicate and awsome

Appreciate your visit @aracieli

Beautiful rain lilies. They look so gentle yet elegant, @joanstewart and thanks so much for sharing the wonderful information about them!


Gentle touch in a garden, thanks for visiting!


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Those beautiful flowers look like the flowers in my country it is really nice to see the rain falling to the flowers.

Always nice to take a walk after rain, everything is crisp and clean with new growth on the horizon.

These are wonderful. The little bit of kiss of pink. Beautiful pictures too, it really shows them off.

Thanks for visiting @tryskele

Wow, what beautiful flowers!

Howdy from Texas joanstewart! oh those are some gorgeous flowers with a name to match and the photos are exceptional! great job.

Thanks for kind words and enjoying the photography @janton

you are very welcome joanstewart, you have some wonderful posts so keep up the good work!

Beautiful! I love it!

Stunning post, those flowers are magical xx

Waiting for more seeds to get more into the garden...


Joan, beautiful pics ... great write.


[email protected]
our side,
I have seen this flower too.
I don't know it is the same or like it.

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“Flowers are never lonely when they have raindrops as friends.” ~ Anthony T. Hincks