Barkin blends Dog cafe @ Cainta Rizal Philippines.

in pet •  last year

Hello steemit friends,
Hope you had a great day today
Im back again just to share with you my blog for today.

If you havent hear the Barkinsblend try to visit there in cainta rizal
They open Monday to Sunday except tuesday from 12pm to 11pm in Philippine time.

Since,Cainta rizal is near Marikina which i visit last sunday i grab the opportunity to locate their cafe.I know for sure pet lovers out there will understand my feelings hehe..

Marikina is my hometown .I remember its almost 7 years now since may last visit to marikina because my family brought a house in las pinas my brother @princehon19 and my sister in law @ashlyncurvey live there.They also a member here in steemit if you have time pls check there page especially @ashlyncurvey shes very good at cooking im sure you will learn a lot from her recipe.




Haayy..all of there dogs are beautiful,nice and friendly


2 hours stay is not enough to play them all "I dont want to go home".


This dalmation dog is very playful hehe..

We ordered Milktea because were thirsty running and playing on dogs 😂.Look at there dog painting with the image of MonaLisa isnt cool haha...


And their cute Little dog cupcakes...
You have so many flavors to choose from vanilla,chocolate,cheeze and many more...





If you want to know the information about barkinsblend check this link they also have branch in katipunan cubao.


Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog.I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did
Until my nextblog 😘😄❤


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Aw ang ku-cute! 😄 Look at those those happy friendly faces nila @sandaraclark. 😅 Even the cupcakes are so cute! Glad to know naman may mga ganito na sa Pinas. A resteem for the cuties!


thank you @happyfree sobrang sarap nilang kabonding nakakatanggal ng stress hehe

That's adorable. It's like those cat cafes they have in Japan, only with dogs. So cute. :)


Thanks @stephmckenzie did you travel to japan? I have a sister in tokyo she make me jealous eating ramen looks yummy..


I haven't been to Japan yet, but I've seen video footage of their cat cafes. They look adorable. :)

Incredible place. They are adorable.


Thank you @teardrops for appreciating and showing your support on my blog❤

" A dog is a mens best friend "

Its been a while...

oke ka ba?


Thanks for asking yes friend im about you how are you?


Good to hear. :)

Yes im okay 2. Survived the Dutch winter here :)

Good day there


Really? its already summer and need to take plenty of water because its very hot ...


I know the climate is very different there. I dont know if i could handle the heat there.

Yes its still pretty cold,I still need my winterjacket here.. But im sorta used to it.

Good night there.


How often you visit your relatives here in phil?.hope to meet you if theres grand eb with sir @surpassinggoogle thanks for being kind and supportive @markush you are one of my consider friend here in steemit.


Salamat :) ikaw din

Pero Ako ay Olandes. I just know a few words lang :) I learned from friends. But maybe visiting Phil is on my wishlist.

Good morning there:)


Good morning din..its ok ur doing good friend :)

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