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Everyone must try to develop his/her personality in every possible manner. Each and everyone can improve personality with the help of the following useful tips:

  • Try to analyze honestly the traits of your personality and character.
  • Try to listen everyone politely, even if their idea is baseless or not of your interest.
  • Do not keep talking too much about yourself during a conversation.
  • Make a list of your good and bad habits. Try to better your good habits and on the other hand get rid of bad habits.
  • Solve your problems in a creative way. Try your best not to let these spoil your relations with your friends.
  • Keep improving your physical appearance also as it is the first thing anyone notices about you, even before you speak and work.
  • Some people often have a favourite sentence which they repeat frequently. One should try and get rid of such a habit.
  • A negative reply with a smile is far more effective than a positive rude answer. Smiles help us communicate better, keep smiling.
  • Have a close analysis of your own behaviour. If you are young, your friends should like you and more should befriend you. If not, there is a flaw in your behaviour. Either you are too shy or unfriendly or too rude with others. If you realize it, improve it.
  • Listen with utmost care to your critics and improve yourself.
  • Develop good reading habits, viewing news channels and debates and analyse them yourself.
  • You should respect and appreciate others but do not try to copycat them. You cannot, in fact. Instead, focus on your good traits and enhance them.
  • Every individual should develop the ability to adjust with others, because basically man is a social animal, so one cannot survive by living alone.
  • Develop good listening and comprehending skills.
  • Improve your memory and concentration of mind.
  • Try to solve small and big problems at home and around.

If you take care of these small but very useful tips, you will be able to develop an impressive and influential personality.

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