Help us Bring Personal Development to the Steem Blockchain!

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Want to help us Bring Personal Development to the Steem Blockchain!?

Check out this Dtube video and perposal here for more info!

Thank you @kenmelendez for reaching out and sharing this with me!

Which was inspired by @aggroed and his article here:

Also, drop down into the comments and share what you think about this idea!

Joe Parys

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Joe, not going to lie, this is my favorite video of yours so far. Excluding all the youtube videos you created that helped me start here. You seem very passionate in this vlog. I'll go check out his post! I just posted about his mail in to coinbase campaign as well! Shout out @kenmelendez! Joe, I got it... #SelfDev or [d]EV, SELF[d], spitballin here.

Lets do it man! I am very passionate about personal development and helping others!! Thanks for your comment @zainenn!

I just started something on my channel called Zmotiv, however I can still make other more personal growth based videos under another tag.

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Awesome! Are you on discord? add me on there!

this rings true for Steem, need to keep ramping up

Personal development is universal and I think it would be cool to have such a community on Steem

Wish I spended more time with you at SteemFest Joe!!

Anyhow after I watching this video I feel your positive vibrations and feel more connected with your energy!

I'm super excited for your new chapter here on Dtube and I'm happy to be part of your journey here :)

btw I love Ken too!!

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I think it is a great goal. In the long-run, however, it seems like the new platforms that would have to be developed to buy one-time materials, recurring memberships, and all that would be much more beneficial as a platform to offer to others. Obviously, you’d want to get your business off the ground first to work out the bugs before offering something similar to other Steemians. I’m excited to see how this project goes in the coming month.

I have decided to go to the Steem conference in Austin next year. There seems to be a lot of energy into creating new DAPPS around Steem. I’m not a developer. However, I do enjoy witnessing the energy and excitement of new technologies.

Yeah I think it’s a great idea, we will see how it all unfolds! And Austin will be great! It’ll be here before you know it!

Thank you Joe, you are always an inspiration!!! I'd like to have time and resources" to follow you and learn more from you at your academy. Your videos are wow.. I love it. At the moment I'm recording underwater ;) Also I ve been doing some promo-steem at the same time. As soon is possible I love the idea to connect it with some videos record with a drone. Slowly and with work I'll get there. If you want to pass by my blog and maybe advice me with anything to improve will be great.

By the way this an example about what I do:

You are welcome in Canary Islands anytime you want to dive

P. D. Well I just found out that I can't play the video in dtube.. Don't know why. I give the link on YouTube

Amazing video man! Looking forward to more of your content!

Thank you Joe, i just posted my last video, check it out ;)

My steemit profile is essentially All personal development.