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RE: Personal Update - Still Out of Commission

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Something told me to come check on you, and glad I did! So, I am now doing readings, oracle/medicine/healing and I can help you if you like. Come say hi in DM on discord my friend. xoxo
ps. I started #medicinecardmonday so maybe check that out, I am up to #7, you will get the basic idea of what i'm doing.


I saw your message yesterday... and I've been wondering what kind of response was best.

Thank you is one that cannot go wrong.

Considering that what you offer requires an hour or more of your time, and considering that my life is more hectic than its been in a long time, with me stealing hours of sleep so as not to suffer too greatly the next day, and considering that I'm just about never alone (which has its ups but also has its downs), I do not feel that I can accept to use your time upon an individual who cannot even provide a decent degree of his attention. Perhaps a time and circumstance more correct will present itself in the future.

In truth I am no longer at my lowest point. I hope to recover.

thank you for responding and glad you are on the mend.

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