Applying Permaculture Principles To My Life - Use and Value Diversity


In my eyes, what makes the world so beautiful is how diverse it is and the biodiversity of all life forms.

When we look to the natural world there is a intricate relationship between all living things. Look at how fertile soil is created and maintained. Every living thing contributes to the wealth of the soil and every living thing relies on the soil to feed them and keep them alive. This diversity is what creates and sustains life!

Yet we live in a world where diversity is more feared than celebrated. Instead of seeing the value of others, we notice only the differences and fear what those differences may bring. Today human diversity, is being used to segregate us further from one another.

We all have skills which can be utilized in ways that will enhance our time here on the earth. We all have the ability to bring about change and imagine what we could create if we embraced one another and worked together. Diversity is a huge driving force in the natural world and as it should be for all humans too.

The diversity that is evident on this platform is one of the things that I really love about it. So many folk connecting with one another, meeting on common ground to share their lives and their skills. A global community where their are no barriers or walls, just the freedom to be who you are. What a wonderful example of how things could be. A wonderful example of the many things we can actually learn from one another.


One example that comes to mind quickly, is the amount of knowledge shared by members of the @naturalmedicne community, natural remedies from around the world, valuable information about the healing properties of the different plants and trees from around the world. I have learnt so much about the different plants from all continents around the world. What a wonderful way to use and value our diversity.

From embracing the diversity of humankind, to embracing the diversity within ourselves. The diversity of our emotions, and the many parts of what make us who we are.

It all starts with I.

The ability to accept who we are. To see the value in our emotions, the value in our pain and our rage, how they are both such catalysts for change. Been torn to shreds, so that we have to put ourselves back together, but this time a stronger version of who we were. The many lessons that come from the suffering we undergo.

The value in embracing both the feminine and masculine within us all, both of which bring balance into our lives. Seeing the power that comes with understanding and utilizing both. Allowing ourselves to have the room to be ourselves, not trying to hinder our development. Preventing ourselves from reaching our full potential.

Because we deny ourselves so much, when we block parts of ourselves off. Something that is quite accepted in this day and age. There is so much pressure on people today to behave in a certain way. Some behaviours are way more accepted than others and our children are growing up in a world were some characteristics are not tolerated at all. All of these things devalue who we are as humans.

Diversity, is the building blocks of who we are, it is the building blocks of our society and it is what sustains all life on the planet.

Permaculture calls on us to use and value diversity, to embrace and celebrate it. To see the power that is to be attained when we unite. When we unite the many parts of who we are, when we unite and work together, for one another and for the planet as a whole.

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The appreciation of diversity is actually at the very heart of abundance, I am coming to see. And permaculture is all about natural abundance.

Lovely post, my dear.

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You are spot on, everyone has something to contribute and if we are more accepting and understanding of differences that contribution would be more than great.

exactly we need to celebrate one another more xx

One is all, all is one. Learned this from an anime, guess which one

yes indeed, what anime is that from?

You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine. Love these lessons from a permaculture perspective! My thinking exactly about the diversity here on Steem and to have folks working together, wonderful! Thank you for sharing and especially for pointing out what goes on in the Natural Medicine Community!
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thanks for dropping by @porters and I love to spread the love for the natural medicine community xxx

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accepting others as they are but it is difficult sometimes and that is why most of us have complicated relationships with some and smooth ones with some others.
As you point out, we are sometimes forced to behave in a certain way just to get along with others in a group but that is where natural freedom ends. The robotic culture has to end someday.
Great writing

thanks so much @sayee and yes it really can be difficult at times xx

Great points about diversity - but remember, even in permaculture there are some species of plants you will want to keep away from others, and some will be degradative all together that you will want to keep out of your gardens completely - I am all for diversity and being who we truly are - provided that state of being is in the best interest of everyone with all it's correlated actions. Lovely post <3