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RE: Homesteaders Co-op: The Model of an Ethical Marketplace

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You need a marketing push. This deserves way more attention then it's getting. You have a functioning marketplace with Steem or SBD as payment options.


I believe that's what we're doing. @sagescrub has brought a lot of us onboard to spread the word here on steem. It's a really awesome marketplace, and I believe he's wanting to make the market stuff available to other industries as well.

I'd love to chat on discord if you have a minute one day. (thedarkhorse #6765). Think what you are building is great, but very niche. Niche works, but it's outside my niche of selling so wondering what all went into building this out.

Will need to dig around the site a little more. Want to buy something and then do a post about it. Just stocked on the items that I would buy for sure, but only had a couple minutes to poke around.

I think @sagescrub is the one you want to talk to. He built the whole thing, I'm just a blogger that wants it to spread and become a big deal. This is exactly what the crypto space needs. Everyone is always asking "but can you buy anything with it?" Now the answer is "absolutely, let me show you this online shopping experience!"

dstors is also trying to create an online marketplace at a much larger scale. But I always think there is a place for niche sites like this one. Some items I think are better suited to being on a niche site that caters to the needs of a specific market.

I'll have to start a conversation with @sagescrub. Life is crazy for me right now with the holiday, but soon for sure.

Very true! I am keeping a keen eye on dstors and looking forward to their launch. As you astutely observed we are a very niche marketplace and certainly not a competitor of dstors by any mean. I think there is plenty of room in the market for both to coincide. Who knows, maybe there is opportunity for dstors and @homesteaderscoop to work together at some point. I am certainly looking forward to their community stores feature and I think there is no reason @homesteaderscoop can't have a community store on dstors as well! I look forward to speak with you more.. I'll send you a DM on discord :)