Performance and returns

in performance •  7 months ago 

It all started in 2008 in Seattle; My partner and our internet consulting company Sitewerks, I thought I would win my life more than I sold for money.


In order to celebrate, I bought a house of 4 floors, 330 m², at the Capitol Hill location in Seattle; With a new consumption spree, a new couch, a $ 300 sunglasses, a ton of unnecessary tools and of course a black turbo Volvo.

Performance and returns quickly made the transition back to normal. After a short while, I seemed to be numb. My new Nokia phone didn't get me excited or satisfied. Theoretically, it didn't take me long to start wondering if my past life had made me feel better and why I was more worried than before.


My life was unnecessarily complex. The grass that needs to be cut, the mess that must be collected, the places to be swept, the housemates to be managed. living alone in such a big house seemed crazy. There was a car that had to be washed, repaired, insured. How did I become this? My home and my belongings have become new employers for a job that I have never applied in my life.

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