10 people out of poverty. Charity from the LASSE token.

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If you want to be one of them then post a comment with:

  • a photo of you
  • your full name
  • your location
  • something about how you manage to survive now
  • why you think people should vote for you

For everyone then you can vote 1 time on the poor person you think should be in this program.


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  • Marta Sabrina Valles.

  • Venezuela, Estado sucre.

  • Hello greetings and respect for all of you, Today to survive, I only live from the publications and drawings that I upload to steemit and the support of the people. I do not have a steady job or any help that can make me have a stable life in society.

  • Because it is a publication to help poor people in economic charity for the difficult moments of your life, I hope you can support me, Thank you very much.

Thanks a lot for writing, now we are just need 9 more participants.

You are indeed a man with a heart of God.... Thank you for touching lives

You are indeed a
Man with a heart of God.... Thank
You for touching lives

                 - charleswealth

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Wow! You have a kind heart! Thank you for wanting to take 10 persons out of poverty. It's truly beautiful & Cool! Good luck guys.


I think the project you are trying to undergo is a great one.. It's lovely, keep it up.. I already subscribed to your YouTube channel and I have resteemed your post..

My youtube name is abiodun adeosun

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200 LASSE sent to you, thank you for your participating and the kind words, glad you like it.

You are really helping the community.. Thanks for that

This is so kind of you. An amazing opportunity for the poor. You are a good man.
I have resteemed this post, subscribed to your YouTube channel and commented on it.
My name is Adedoyin-wealth Odedina

Thanks for the kind words, appriciated.

Appearently not any poor people on STEEMIT?... a woman asked me for money for food for her child and her, I sent her a link to this post and nothing happened.

So lets give it some days and see if people come out to participate.

200 LASSE is sent to you, thanks again.

There are a lot of poor people who desperately need this life changing opportunity. They haven't just seen your post yet.
I'm sure more people will see it and participate in no time.
Thanks for the tokens.

I've resteemed and subscribe to your YouTube channel. Thanks for providing help to the less privilege.

Youtube username : bolade Soji.

This is very amazing, and a wonderful way to reach out... Thanks @lasseehler

This is an awesome initiative bro

Resteemed & Subscribed.

Gracious Egedegbe

Thank you.

200 LASSE sent to you.

Great innovation, subscribed to your channel and redeem done . User name : adisaadetunji

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This is commendable....You are doing a great job ,i wish the participants success!!!

I have Resteemed your post .Thanks

Resteemed and have followed your channel

Ogbonna Henry

Great stuff you're doing here.

This is very kind of you.

Resteemed and subscribed to your youtube channel

My youtube: Ogunniyi Oladimeji

resteem and upvote

@lasseehlers, I don't know how much successful it will be but here i want to appreciate your intention to come up with this Initiative.

Hope that this step will empower lives of 10 people. And i don't know who will come forward for this, otherwise you can think about the Venezuelan Community. In my opinion Venezuela is facing the biggest crisis.

Love and blessings from India. Stay blessed.

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This is cool.
I have followed you on youtube and resteemed this post.

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post resteemed but currently not on youtube. good and brilliant idea buddy

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

Lasse's mental illness is deteriorating

This is brilliant, everyone needs a helping hand. If the world could look into this direction poverty would be eradicated to a minimum level. Upvote, resteem and subscribe to yourself YouTube

Emmanuel Christian

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