The Golden rule

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Hello my dear friends, at this moment I want to ask you a question, do you like me to treat you well?, I think I know the answer, and this will be in the affirmative since everyone likes to feel liked anywhere and this we get when we They attend in a friendly and helpful way, making us feel that we are important and that we are valued as human beings.

Personally I love coming to a restaurant and being treated as if it belonged to royalty (so to speak), but many times we ignore the golden rule that for more than two centuries we were taught and can be found in Matthew 7 : 12 "So, whatever you want men to do to you, so also do to them."

As human beings we must put ourselves in the place of the other person, remember that just as we want to be treated or considered, we must treat our fellow man; For example, when we arrive at a restaurant we should treat our waiter with kindness, remembering that he is also a human being, who deserves respect. The basics in relationships with others is to establish as a priority our neighbor, as this will make anyone change their behavior. There are five keys to the success of relationships with others that will help us change and impact existence in this society that has slowly abandoned humanity itself.

To be successful in our relations with our fellow man, we must first value them, sometimes we forget how important it is to appreciate the people around us, with this we are simply willing to be attentive to life and to get involved in the social environment Where are we. As a second key we must encourage people to change and thus achieve what they want, or you will tell me my dear friend. What do you not like to encourage your favorite soccer team ?, When we encourage people they feel motivated and capable of achieve everything that has been proposed.

Forgiveness is also fundamental to be applied in our golden rule, but we are able to forgive that lack that people have had with us, we will not be able to continue our life without rancor, because when we do not forgive we simply create in our hearts a feeling of rejection of friendships and without knowing it we turn away from the whole world.

Let's listen carefully to what they are saying to us, some time ago, witness the happiness of a little girl because she could tell her dad all her day, that child had a smile on her face, that immediately infected me, in that moment I could recognize the importance of human beings to feel heard and valued, because when we are ready to hear each of the details that people want to comment on we are capturing an essence of it. All this must be accompanied by understanding, understanding is not the fact of not allowing that person to understand things in a wrong way to what is actually and therefore we dare not judge others for that that we have not really realized how it really is.

Always remember that we should treat our fellowmen as we want to be treated, besides that this is the golden rule as human beings. Leaving individualism forgotten, to embrace the word with the importance it really deserves.

Blessings @blancabonilla

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