Do you bring your umbrella with you?

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There is a story that changed the way I have seen life in recent times, for nobody is a secret that the whole world is living different situations (from the economic and social); there are countries where there is a war that never seems to end, others where the economic situation is so difficult that it seems that people will end their lives. However, when I heard this story I immediately thought that we have been mistaken as human beings, I tell you the story below (I want to clarify that I do not know the author of the story and I will narrate it as I remember).

Many years ago the world suffered a drought so severe that all plants, trees and living beings were dying ... when men observed this they became very concerned, they immediately began worshiping the gods (according to each one's religious beliefs). One day the men joined in an event to offer sacrifice and wait for the response of the heavens to start the rain, some brought animals for the sacrifice; others took their song to give sacrifices through music ... and so each one went by little by little to offer the holocaust and that the sky would open to the desired rain.

Man to man went by and waited a few minutes and nothing happened ... suddenly a girl appeared and spoke to the crowd asking her to present her holocaust, people looked at each other and said what a sacrifice this little girl could have given that had not already appeared...

That little girl had a gift box in her hands and with her sweet voice she asked that her holocaust be accepted ... suddenly a man with his grave voice answered... "let him do what he wants, we will not lose anything". At that moment his box was opened and inside he observed an umbrella! At that moment, the sky turned gray and the first drop of water fell ... surprise for all present... what the gods needed was an umbrella.

I explain, in that story that I just narrated the paragua represents the hope that men should have in every situation, which can not faint in our being no matter how difficult and gray the circumstances become. Hope is that ray of light in the midst of darkness, that drop of water in the midst of drought. I ask you, do you bring your paragua with you? At all times, if humanity loses its hope, it is as if we lose the desire to live this life that sweet or bitter for some is life. As Job 11: 17-18 said, "life will be clearer than midday; Although darkness, it will be like the morning. You will have confidence because there is hope; You will look around and rest in safety".

If we want evolution, we must have hope; It is she who will give you every day the desire to continue the adventure, it is she who will allow you to infect the whole world to transform. When people want something in our lives we should have hope and of course faith that God will help us and change everything in our favor, we just have to bend our ego and recognize that this hope is for the security that there is a God who will never abandon us.

With all this ... my dear friend, I invite you to always bring your umbrella.

Blessings @blancabonilla

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