Chess practices? ... You are very smart!

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As a young person, always listen to the question ¿Chess practices? And then that expression, you are very smart! When I started playing chess, I was just a boy of only 13 years old and I needed to learn to develop my mind, to such a point that it allowed me to remember everything I was learning during my days of High school student (for me it was one of the stages that terrified me the most), I remember that I told one of my teachers and he told me that if he wanted to develop in me the ability to remember everything and be able to anticipate situations, or In my case, to the subjects that the professors developed, I had to exercise my brain and my question immediately was "the brain is exercised?", its answer was yes in different ways; immediately told me everything I could do to help me, the truth at that time all I wanted was to have a football in front and play until my body could not take it anymore.

But, the precision of my family (especially my mother) led me to apply something that my teacher told me, among everything he told me at that time I talk about chess ... I had heard from other friends and We always thought that this game was practiced by the "nerd", since I did not understand at all what that game was. And as they say a very popular saying in Venezuela ... "curiosity killed the cat", I was invaded by a surprising curiosity and I was encouraged to ask the professor if he could teach me what would help me (I never thought I would feel so adrenaline to be in front of that one). board).

Of course, chess is not an easy game would be something trivial but much less impossible (my friends play it since children of 6 years), the progress of the game have made these last decades popular, you can see families and circles of friendships playing, while you can observe great experts from America and Europe who have involved technology in an exciting game of chess, which motivates that every day young people are involved and motivated to practice this "sport" that the only objective is the mental and intellectual development of the players, since we must think of more than one possible move at a time (imagine that in a few minutes we can think of different ways of attacking the opponent, taking care at all times to avoid the "checkmate").


For example, in my case when I observe that my opponent has my king in "check" I can visualize the following movements in which I can attack that piece without it ending its play with checkmate. Those moves can be observing the boxes to which I can move my piece (since the king is the only one that can move to any direction).

Chess changed my life, helping me to understand each teaching given in the stage of education, also developed that thinking logic that we have as human beings. Personally I always invite my friends to a game and now with the opportunity of the technologies I can play at any time and from anywhere.

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