La Vendedor - Lesson Three

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The middle-aged salesman couldn't conceal his glee when he found out that Karla's little penny stock tip made him more than 50 grand. He dashed into his garage and doused himself with dirt cheap white wine while hollering like a lone wolf in the wild. It was clear and evident that this robot was valuable to him. She could be his living proof for all the prospective clients as well as being his best investment guru whenever he wanted her advice.

Joey laughed so hard such that all the wrinkles on his face became incredibly pronounced and his partial dentures quivered inside his chops.

"Hello Joey, why are you so happy?" the robot opened the garage door and saw an ebullient Joey.

"With your help, I have found the cure!" shrieked the middle-aged salesman.

"What do you mean?" asked the calm robot.

"Your stock tip Karla. You just made me 50 grand richer." Joey shouted excitedly.

"Oh, this is nothin but I'm afraid that I'll be returning to the warehouse in a few days!" Karla lamented.

"Don't you worry a bit my dear, I'll speak to Frankie to extend your lease period!" consoled Joey.

"Are you sure?" the robot looked at Joey skeptically.

"Sure like the fat on my tummy Karla." the middle-aged salesman responded.

"Gee, I don't know!" whispered Karla.

"Don't you worry sick my dear, I'm sure Frankie will agree!" snickered Joey.

An idea had just sprung up inside of the salesman's head and he was so confident that Frankie would go along with it. He gave the robot a friendly smile before calling Frankie on his cellphone.

"Hello Frankie, I got a deal for you! Lets meet tomorrow." proposed the middle-aged salesman.

"No no no my buddy, you are going to love what I will be telling you. Lets meet at that burger place around noon, ok!" Joey suggested promptly.

"Trust me Frankie, lunch is on me, see you!" the salesman ended the call with a broad grin.

Incidentally, Joey realized that he had stumbled into a perpetual goldmine and she could very well help solve all his retirement problems. He uncorked another dirt cheap white wine and drenched his body with it while humming a soulful oldie from the Deep South.

"A happy day Joey?" Karla was intrigued by the salesman's eccentric behavior.

"Not just a happy day, a financial independence day to be exact!" exclaimed Joey.

Stay tuned.

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