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I think it started yesterday. I happened on a talk from the Royal Institution about things we could possibly never know. I am still waiting for the ending and think I got bamboozled but that is really an issue seeing as I kept going off on my own thought tangent. One thing he did mention was how the unknown unknowns could be the place for people to insert their God. Paraphrased obviously.

Then I installed Librivox on my phone at some point during all the talking and considering a bit of religion and finishing my Steemmonsters daily quest. Unfortunately, I missed the poker on Lucksacks yesterday but no biggy. I figured it is time for a nap but alongside Librivox I installed Hexogonia which is just Polytopia but different. They are like mini low poly age of empire games on mobile.

dude falling

So I lay in the dark because I am going to nap, downloaded "The City at World's End" audiobook and listened to that while killing some mothers child in my war game. I would never choose that book to read myself, but the guy reading it is very good so I just kept listening. Not half shit. The story takes too long or has too many longterm unknown (Don't ask me to explain - I don't know what that means but it makes sense to me)

One thing you would realise immediately when listening or reading the book is the fact that it is ancient, published in 1951. The characters are so ludicrously sexist, racist and just simple minded that I just had to smile and think "Well now, that is just not nice."

The one bit that really solidified it for me was where the main male character comments how his female friend's simple female mind could not comprehend something. Fucktard.

Then I thought well it really is not much different these days, personally, I don't encounter any "Females or [insert race] can't or is inferior" but personally I take note of characteristics such as voice tone, gait, and yes skin colour.

Haha, that is where I might trip a few up. Let me be a tad more specific, skin tone? Yeah skin tone, especially in white people. Good, I think I saved myself from being lynched.

Anyway... Where was I? Mmm, where was I going? Btw listening to some new music while writing.

Ah yes, God. No. It has enough people banging on about it. Racism? No shit is tedious and stupid. Prejudice? I think I just remembered the correct word that is all. Fuck.....!

Time is a bitch, and specifically utilizing it. Making the best of your time, and mostly that is because I am chasing something. A deadline, a target, the finish line? When I am not then there is enough time for everything because I do what I want at the time I do it and that time is just the right time. Sometimes I need to do things on time, in time and I try to have those times be between 9 and 5, the rest of the time?

As I progress to my death I notice that I don't care, I complain because I procrastinate but in that time I am still doing something, it is the thing I want to do most and that is then the right thing for me to be doing. I will still chastise myself but I find it is not of disappointment and instead of uncertainty.

I actually have a saying that I use which goes like this:

"Nothing is so important that you can't do it tomorrow."

the other is

"If you want to know whether something is important then go sleep, if you are willing to wake up early then it might just be."

Now there are some obvious gaps in my reasoning but that is of no concern, it is the same with don't drink liquids from bottles with skulls on them. I mainly conceived those from my experience with "hurry up and wait" customers and now almost no work is more important than what I want to be doing.

8/10 That shit can wait.

I think this is a Penned Bullshit post. Have not had those for a while.

I really suck at habits or I am so good at them that I have too many and they need to get cycled. I linked the video of that talk below, and that reminds me that the other thing he said that I found odd was how he explained because of science that he is not religious. He seemingly further explains this to be how many scientists or people might go about it also. I think that is silly.

I did not decide because of science that I believe in nothing I decided I believe in nothing because of everything I see and hear. I decided there is nothing more because it has no effect whether there is or not. It may seem odd but I do try to go through life without negatively impacting others, in fact, I try to not impact anyone ever.

This does not really work because of my very flawed logic obviously but fuck it. That is how I like to see it and you know what? It does not affect you.

Should I explain?

Yeah sure, it is my post, you fuckers probably fell asleep by now. Lucky fucks. Anyway...

So it goes that if I do good then that is null. If someone else does good for me that gives me -1 , If I do bad that gives me -1 . There is no +1 since if I am in a neutral situation then that is also null. Simple.

Rule of thumb then? I don't know, guess I am always in debt. Nah I lied and since I just made up that mathematical system I will add to it. When I do good for me then it is +1. Yes, that works. Now I can get to 0.

What happens at zero? Nothing. It is perfect, as I tell my boss if my bank balance is zero and I do not owe then that is a good thing.

If I do owe? Well, fuckit I will deal with that tomorrow.

Fade away is another little concept I muddle around in my head. I think I am a good fader, I fade from peoples lives and that is how it should be. When something is no longer present it does not affect you, why keep validating its existence? Apply liberally and to whatever or whomever, you like.

Eloquent like a Sociopath.

Falling timmy | Read on Whaleshares

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