شكرا للمشاركة المميزة!
حصلت على تصويت من
@arabsteem curation trail !
و تم اختيار مقالتك ضمن مقالات يومية مختارة للنشر اليوم في مقالنا! :)

جزيل الإمتنان لكم في عربستيم 🌸

nice! i like this kind of drawing

Happy that you liked it @prosteemian 🌸

Very nice drawing it’s almost real

Many thanks DH ❤️❤️ @rabihfarhat

Ur most welcome i am only telling the truth. Keep up the great work ❤️

wow very nice drawing. you are astonishing talented.I like you draw her hair and her eyes lol. brown is better although. you can use ballpoint drwings as well not just pencil. thanks for ur gift
here is my friedns drawing. you can check

My next portrait will be brown-haired. Tekram le petit prince 😄
Thank youuu heaps and loads for everything🌸🌸.. and I just followed @abdou1989. He has very good art skills.

you are welcome anytime. he is a talented artist. think it nice to use ballpoint drawings. I invited him many times to stay on steemit and he is still losing the opportunity. lol like u

Hahaha.. Les stars sont toujours en retard 😂😛

peut-être qu'ils sont paresseux, je ne sais pas que ils conaisson comment gain le money de art lol

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