Peer Query major upgrade: Query pages, inline commenting, social share buttons, follow, resteem and so much more!

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She is here again, and she is alot more better now. This is the first update to Peer Query and it contains new features and some improvement to the existing features.

What's new

Dedicated query pages

Now we have dedicated page for Contests, Questions, Quizzes and Gigs. With these dedicated pages, you can any query, for instance: Questions by new questions, trending questions, hot questions, most voted questions and most answered questions.

You can do same for contests, quizzes, gigs and proposals. I did try to make it a fun by adding some interesting comments. So you don't miss it, let me highlight the hilarious remarks on these pages!

The Contests page's remarks:

The Questions page's remarks

The Quizzes page's remarks

The Gigs page's remarks

Post sharing buttons

Now you can share any post you've just read to your favorite social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In and Tumblr. Perhaps someone there will discover Steem if you did!!!

Author follow

You can now follow any author whose post you've just read, the follow button below the post is now active. For posts written by you, it is disabled since you cannot follow yourself.

Post resteem

Again, since you cannot resteem your own posts, this button is disabled if you are logged in and are the author of the post you are viewing.

Near absolute wallet page

The wallet page shows you lots of important information about any account. You can view the information of any account where you are logged in or not, and where or not its your account.

You can view an account' wealth, details, public keys, witness votes as well as authorized apps(posting, active/private and owner). If you have logged in and is on your own account, then you can see the option to revoke an app.

The link is: Where username is the account you want to view, so the wallet of @BlockTrades will be:, the same goes for every other account.

Here is how my wallet looks like:

After logging in, you can access your own wallet page by clicking here:

For every other account, simply click here to access the wallet:

What's been improved

Better post URL handling

Formerly were posts were simply posted to whatever permlink is generated. The danger with such a method is that if a post already exists with the same permlink as the new post and it is less than seven days old, then the new post will only be published as an edited version of the first post with the same permlink.

In this update, before a new post is submitted, the system checks to ensure that no post already exists with the permlink of the new post, else it will trim the permlink persistently in the background until a unique permlink is gotten for the new post!

This make it very safe to post, as your new post will not replace an old post with the same permlink and tag.

Smart login handling

In the previous version, when you login while reading a post, after login you will be re-directed to your account. This is bad as as chances are that you wanted to login so as to contribute to the post your were reading.

In this update, when you login while reading any post, after login you will be redirected right back to the same article you were reading before logging in!

This feature also works for accounts. So if you were exploring a user account before you logged in, after login you will be redirected back to the account your were viewing!

Better post thumbnail sizing

Images are displayed by a sized size so all images are uniform. No more over-stretched thumbnail images.

Natural image sizing

When viewing images in a post or comment, the images will be in their original sizes and never go outside the area of the comment or post. They will also not be stretched, images now look great everywhere!

Smart comment handling

In response to a request by @KubbyElizabeth, there will be no reloading whatsoever for a new comment. There will not be any page reloading and no comment area reloading.

In this update, after a comment is successfully published, it is dynamically added to the page and you are scrolled down to its position. No reloading of page or reloading of comment area. Its sleek, simple and cool.

The new comment is fetched from the Steem blockchain before being displayed, so its a real comment that you can actually begin to vote on right away!

See the new "inline" commenting in action:

Better contest parsing

Now, Peer Query can parse content better. Most images(unfortunately not all) posted into content without image tags and URLs without attributed tags will be well parsed into image tags.

Smart publish redirect

After successfully publishing a new post, the user will be redirected straight to the new post - instead of the user's blog page! Once you publish a post, you will be redirected to it automatically!

Better footer

The footer is now put to better use.

Dedicated mobile menu

This update comes with 3 menus, one for desktop, one for tablet and one for mobile screens.

Desktop menu

Tablet and mobile menu

Custom 404 page

There is now a custom 404 page for bad or broken links:

Better summary extraction

In the previous versions, summaries were badly extracted making them almost unreadable. In this update, the post are extracted as accurately as possible.

While this may lead to a little lag in performance, the resulting summary is almost natural.

A better sitemap for Google

Hopefully soon it will be easier to find the query pages on Peer Query(homepage, contest, questions, proposals, quiz, and gigs) through a Google search.

In the coming updates the sitemap will be better improved, however it would require another major update on the server before query pages will be indexed by Google.

We will get there soon.

Alot, lot more

There are so many new features and improvements in the update that is is possible I could have forgotten to list them all, you will have to explore the site and discover the rest for yourself.

Bugs fixed

In the previous update, there were issues with bugs. However I have personally tested this version both on localhost and on the server and have not found any bugs yet.

I believe you should be able to explore and use the site to the fullest without encountering bugs, however if you do encounter any bugs please alert in through the comment area.

What is coming next

  • Autosave support for post editor
  • Post editing
  • Comment editing
  • Comment sorting
  • Video support
  • Tag browser
  • Steem browser
  • User feed browser
  • User community page
  • Lots of improvements to existing features
  • Lots of new exciting features


The development of Peer Query is entirely funded by the Steem community through the earnings I made when I used to blog on @BlockRush and now through the earnings I make on my account @Dzivenu.

If it is possible to dedicate a project to a community, then I dedicate Peer Query and its success to the Steem community. To everyone who upvoted, commented and resteemed any post on @BlockRush or @Dzivenu.

You are all the funding members of @PeerQuery. When the site is complete and I release the code open source, then our QUERY will be complete.

To the founders of Steem and their team, @Dan and @Ned, I would be greatly indebted. While I cannot recall all notable supporters, permit me to highlight these heavyweight supporters:

Appropriate credits

In the footer, the credits text used to read:

Developed and maintained by Dzivenu with funding from Blockchain Rush. Powered by Steem...

Now it reads:

Developed and maintained by Dzivenu with support from the Steem community. Powered by Steem...

The introductory post of the alpha version trended into a little over a thousands dollars; thank you. The support I have received from the Steem community is worthy of mention.

Notable works

The works of:

  • @Fabien - the creator of Steem JS
  • @JFollas - writing a Steem web app series
  • @PilCrow - Steem JS series
  • @StoodKev - Steem JS series
  • @Lantto - Steem JS series
  • countless other Steem JS code snippet authors

were my guides in understanding Steem JS, building the wallet section and other sections of Peer Query and I am grateful for their works.

Final words

I hope this update makes the site more useful to the community, I am working on Peer Query full time and will release more features very soon so if you see something lacking, stick around - it will be improved in days.

I hope you like the updates, if not let me know of your feed back in the comment area; I will try to read your feedback as often as I can and take it into consideration.

Did you notice? It's only day 5 of the 30 days challenge, stick around, we're only getting started. Lots of love from Ghana.

Explore this update for yourself(and please report any bugs!?) >

I have given as much as I can; months of full time development on this project which will be open source once its complete. If you appreciate my work, kindly upvote and resteem to fund my work on Peer Query and other upcoming apps. I appreciate any effort on your part.


thanks for the update.

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Thanks for the info! :D

Useful post thanks for sharing

I am checking out right away. @dzivenu, thanks for the update.

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thoese upgreads are fantastique, it gives a nice feeling when we find soulution or remarques to make things better , great post and talent bro

This is amazing, can't wait for the new update, nice work, keep it up

Very good work, that was a rather quick update. Really enjoying the layout and function.
No bugs to report as of yet!
Have you any other features your kicking ideas around for?

Considers problems as a challenge and enjoys finding creative yet appropriate solutions. peerquery is able to work out his own solutions, but also works well with a group to solve problems. peerquery always completes any assignment on time and to a high standard. Has a natural flair for jobs involving the use of the hands or hand-tools. Able to cope expertly with intricate detail. Reaches a decision rapidly after taking account of all likely outcomes and estimating the route most likely to bring success. The decisions almost always turn out to be good ones.

From a set of data, peerquery is able to establish a principle, or work out a rule, or suggest a reason for failure or success. His analysis is always accurate and sometimes original.

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