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It's day 18 of the 30 days challenge, the full source code of Peer Query alpha has been published to Github. In this report I will highlight what every potential user of the code will have to know.

To begin with, I hope the I did not break the contribution rules for contributing whole projects in one commit. I could not find any other way, I hope I will be pardoned.

What is Peer Query?

A Steem content interface

Peer Query is a Steem Content browser that allows users to browse content via specific tags. Peer Query is only a client that interfaces content on the Steem blockchain which mean that it does not host any of the content generated on it.

The project is in the alpha version and to this point has been developed solely by me. However I am opening sourcing it from this point on. I will continue to contribute to it and all open source contributions is also welcome.

With the code being open source, I will now focus on adding a few updates, then incorporating, building a team and launch a beta.

More than a client

While the alpha version does nothing other than to simply fetch and display specific content from the blockchain, the beta version will include a more holistic rendition.

An API, a mobile app, an Steem node, a voting bot with manual curators, daily contests, fetching content exclusive by Peer Query and more are on the way in the beta version which will soon follow this alpha version.

Again, the theming of the site is another area which will see major upgrade. With a query specific theme, we will be able to support advanced interactions unique to each type of query.

Terms of Contributing

Use @Utopian-io

With the open source nature of Peer Query, all contributors to the code do so freely to a project which is shared by all. For this reason there will be no compensation by Peer Query to contributors of the open source code.

I would encourage all prospective contributors to publish their contributions via @Utopian-io so as to be compensated for their efforts.

Contribute what can be open sourced

All contributions must be in the nature that they can be open sourced. Contributions related to things specific to the brand of Peer Query such as logos, slogans/motto, management practices and likewise will only be considered as voluntary complements.

Stick to the nature of the code

Seriously, I will not merge any pull requests containing complex, buggy or a new dependency based code.

This means that while the project is currently written with Javascript and JQuery, I will not merge any requests based on any new libraries or frameworks, be it React, Vue.js, Angular or whatever.

This also means that all new UI components must be styled to support Semantic UI, which is what Peer Query is styled in.

Terms of Use

Use the code, not the brand

Once the code is open sourced, you will be able to use it freely, however Peer Query is a brand and the brand is not part of the open source package.

Even now Peer Query is entitled to its brand name and trademark. Please stay clear of cyber-squatting on Peer Query's potential digital or physical properties, affiliated digital spaces or intellectual property.

As an open source project, you are free to do whatever you want with the code, however please fork and rebrand the code to your own brand.

How to do whatever you want

Remember that you do not have to like the terms of use or contributing to Peer Query.

Peer Query is an open source project which means if you want full autonomy, all you have to do is to fork the Peer Query code repository for yourself.

The code

The code is a piece of cake

Peer Query is written in native Javascript with part QJuery. There is no use of React, Vue or Angular. The code is also in an unminified format with semantic naming convention for the Javascript objects.

The code should be a piece of code to digest, tweak and play with even if you are a new Javascript developer.

The server(server.js) only serves empty page templates which are then dynamically populated on the client side via Steem JS.

Being entirely client side rendered reduces the load on the server by letting the user's browser handle the content display. However this has its own limitation as you cannot set dynamic meta tags for SEO.

In the subsequent updates, this issue as well as others will addressed.

Documentation of code

Starting tomorrow, I will begin daily documentations to explain into details how the entire site works. This will make it easier to under how the site works and make it easier to contribute.

Daily trimming

Ok, the code may not be perfect so I will keep trimming and beautifying it when I can.

How to run the code

See the Github page for details >

Final words

The sourced code for Peer Query alpha is released under the above terms and the MIT License; by contributing or using it, you agree to the above terms. In the case of any update to these terms, I will notify the community.

Tomorrow I will begin documentation the code of Peer Query. With the documentations, I will explain how each part of Peer Query works, from the code to the build structure of the site.

A million thanks to the community for supporting my work this far: @Transisto, @BlockTrades, @ReggaeMuffin, @NewsFlash, @AusbitBank, @TheJohalFiles, @GrumpyCat, @pFunk, @Utopian-io, @KingsCrown, @Elear, @Good-Karma, @Jesta, @Cryptoctopus, @Wackou, @Xeldal, @Ekitcho, @Exyle, @RoelandP, @FMinerTen, @Geoffrey, @Netuoso, @TimCliff, @Drakos, @Ana-Maria, @Olorin, @Twinner, @CoolGuy123, @CodingDefined, @Tabris, @TheRealWolf, @Good-Karma, @Simba, @Runicar, @Yabapmatt, @Eturnerx, @Equites, @RainbowDash, @Pluse

Take a look at the open source code of Peer Query here >

See the wiki >

Take a look at Peer Query >

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I think if you do an ICO, you would get a lot of support. You have got a very good project with great potential.

Content discovery is one of the biggest problems I'm facing as a Steem user, so this project looks pretty exciting!

I write guides and documentation, and I'd love to help you out. Let me know if you're looking for any specific written content for Peer Query.

Im not a coder myself, but I know how much hard work it is to put on a project and perfecting it the way you want. In the end you will be surely proud of what you did, keep it up!

M a programmer n beauty too lol

How can we encourage more people to join in your team ? Here is user id;; rokeya1988 . please help me

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This is a really nice article

thank you / gracias por compartir

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Thanks for your post people will larn from it .. I love the post

Can you remove this line "Upvote and resteem to show your support for my work this far, as well as other projects I am working on for Steem. Thank you!" from the post as it is against the rule, also write what all the commits you have worked on for this contribution.

I removed the line. Could you explain what you mean by the "all the commits you have worked on for this contribution..."

I simply committed everything there, does this link help?

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved. Please from next time try to refrain yourself from putting names of other Users in your contribution if not needed as it is against the Utopian Rules. And yes you can write the range of the Commits you have worked for any particular contribution.

You can contact us on Discord.

I understand, thank you

Hey @dzivenu I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • WOW WOW WOW People loved what you did here. GREAT JOB!
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