Steem Institute 101: what we are building and what we stand for

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This report is a sequel to our introductory report, which was received positively and supported by the community. Many thanks for your support.

However, the concise nature of the report left some of our readers confused about the intended activities of the Steem Institute. In this brief report, I will outline what the Institute is to do and what it is to stand for.

What do we do?

Build platform on Steem

We intend to build solutions, opportunties, platforms, and communities on Steem for bloggers, businesses and investors.

Among our portfolio of applications include a localized p2p exchange, native search engine, deep explorer, content client, encrypted memo powered email portal, creative commons library, community chat, content promotion interfaces, and others.

Our communities include a witness portal, developer portal, investors portal and national user portals.

The services we will offer include monthly reports on the state of the chain, starter kit, exposition and discovery, perpetual content monetization network, mobile solutions and more.

Provide Institution and support

Provide migration and integrations support and services to websites, apps, and blogs which want to adopt the Steem technology into their systems.

This will include support for creating new accounts, setting up SMTs, settings a witness account and more.


For new and existing Steem ventures, we intend to provide support, promotion, financing, talent, consultation as well as a market.


For the community we provide institution. A communal front to champion the cause of the community, chain development, promotion, and support.

What do we stand for?

We stand for everyone

We are for everyone on Steem; investors, developers, witnesses, users, and entrepreneurs. We have aligned our vision and projects in such a way that we have something for everyone.

Diverse investment opportunities in our projects while streamlining investment into non-affiliated ventures, including:

  • the delegation of Steem power
  • investment of Steem or Steem Dollars
  • lending Steem or Steem dollars

The Institute's projects are all going to need all the developers we can get to build them, from interface developers to apps to the Blockchain developers. Lots of diverse opportunities for developers to maximize their potential.

The Institute is a capitalist venture, with most of our projects to be incorporated as limited liability companies. In that light, our interests serve a common interest for businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • our platforms, initiatives, and, services will provide businesses with much need
  • we will create room for entrepreneurs to build our projects

Everything we build, we build for customers; the enthusiasts. They are the very reason we are building, and all we build is for them.

Common interest

Open source
Every project which can be open sourced without negatively affecting our work will be open sourced.

High standards

All people in our teams will need to be people of integrity and with a good understanding of the Steem blockchain technology.

Healthy competition
We will provide healthy competition with existing competitor businesses and services, partnering with those who offer to.

We cannot do any of these without the support of the Steem witnesses, Steemit Inc, Steem developers, investors, and community. We are open to them and will continue to work them every step of the way.

Join our community now!

Get in touch with and let us see how we can work together. Investors, developers, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs are all welcome! These resources have not been fully developed, however, you could bookmark them.

Website - official - community

@institute - official account
@inst - community account

Peer Query:

Reach out to us!

If you have any interest or inquiry to about anything projected here or otherwise, please join our Discord server to make your requests

If you want to join our team, please visit our Discord channel.

Regards, Dzivenu,
Steem Institute.

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