2018 road map for Peer Query - everything you need to know

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With almost all the main features of Peer Query being developed, I will be releasing the project open source this week and in this report I details the possible roadmap of the project for this month.

What is Peer Query?

A query interface

Peer Query is Steem query interface which allows you to explorer Steem posts tagged as: "proposal", "question", "quiz", "gigs" and "contest".

Currently, the app only browses all content from Steem with those tags. However in the beta version perhaps we would include a database option to display only posts created from the app.

This will allow moderators to be able to curate and reward Steemians who create good proposals, contest, solutions and more.

A Steem tag browser

The Steem tag browser allows you to explore posts on any tag you click on.

This feature was necessary as something posts tagged as "proposal", "question", "quiz", "gigs", "contest" often contain more tags like "life", "funny", ...

With this feature you can explore the posts on any tag you click on.

A Steem browser

With the last update, you can actually contents on the Steem Blockchain right on Peer Query! To to that, you can click on the "tags" menu and that will allow you to get a full view of the posts on Steem, just like on the homepage of Steemit.

You can sort posts by trending, new, hot and promoted. However, since browsing full content across the Blockchain is not part of the original point of Peer Query, you can only browser the first 20 posts.

An open source project

Yep, Peer Query is an open source project. You can find the open source code for the version 2 at https://github.com/PeerQuery/V2. Starting this week, I will release the full source code of the current alpha version.

In the meantime, you can simply right click and select  "view-source" option in the browser to see the full code of each page. Each page has its full Javascript code within it, and there is not minified codes.

The wallet explorer

With the Peer Query wallet, you can explore the wallet of any Steem account. You can see:

  • the bandwidth of an account
  • the voting power
  • the Steem power
  • the amount a full amount an account's 100% upvote is worth
  • the steem apps on an account and option to revoke if you are logged in
  • the witness votes of an account
  • and other interesting details of an account

Some features are yet to be developed, including showing of recent transactions, transferring or marketing Steem/SBD and delegation SP.

Below is a snapshot of my account:

The road map for 2018

Open source

Most of the core features of Peer Query have already been developed:

  • landing page
  • query pages: proposals, questions, contests, quiz, gigs
  • inline commenting(no reloading of comment area or page)
  • community pages(facebook, steemit chat, discord)
  • post options: follow author, resteem, vote with slidebar, remove vote
  • share post: facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus, tubmlr
  • wallet page: apps, witness votes, account details, wealth
  • tag browser for all tags
  • absolute steem browser
  • mobile friendly layout and navigation
  • footer, 404 page, ....

At this point, I would want to open source it and continue developing it open source. This week I will begin the release the Peer Query code with a comprehensive documentation series.


Incorporation is top on the list. Developing Peer Query as a sole developer significantly limits the potential for development and investment in Peer Query.

I could try to work with a team before I incorporate, however to avoid any potential future misunderstanding and also comply with the Ghanaian employment laws on working with foreigners; incorporation is the way forward.


After incorporation the team is the first thing on the table.

Raise funds

Monetization and fund raising follows the team.


Similar to the Utopian bot, Peer Query will have a full blown voting bot with manual curators to moderate and upvote the best of contests, questions, proposals, gigs and quizzes as well as their responses.

This will make it easier for users of Peer Query to be reward for their efforts.

Mobile app

A mobile app is another major development goal that Peer Query has to achieve in months.

RPC node

Yep, Peer Query will soon launch an rpc node. This will allow us to have our own node to server Peer Query and reduce our dependency on api.steemit.com.

New features

Lots of new exciting features are yet to be developed for Peer Query including themed interfaces, API, stats, search and others yet to be revealed.

Partner with Steemit

I would say the Steem dev community has been very supportive of my work so far and I would like to partner with Steemit once the incorporation is through so we could see how to cooperatively serve Steem.

Partner the Institute

I look forward to seeing a partnership between Peer Query and the Institute particularly geared towards the development of open source Steem projects.


I would like to express my since gratitude to the Steem community for their support throughout the early development stages of Peer Query.

To everyone who votes, resteemed, commented or supported in any way I say big thank you. I would keep you all updated on the any new developments.

A special thank you to @Transisto who alone sponsored this post to the top!

I would also want to thank other Steemians for their support along the way: @BlockTrades, @Transisto, @ReggaeMuffin, @NewsFlash, @AusbitBank, @TheJohalFiles, @GrumpyCat, @pFunk, @KingsCrown, @Elear, @Good-Karma, @Jesta, @Cryptoctopus, @Wackou, @Xeldal, @Ekitcho, @Exyle, @RoelandP, @FMinerTen, @Geoffrey, @Netuoso, @TimCliff, @Drakos, @Ana-Maria, @Olorin, @Twinner, @CoolGuy123, @CodingDefined, @Tabris, @Simba, @TheRealWolf, @good-karma, @simba, @runicar, @yabapmatt, @eturnerx, @equites, @rainbowdash, @pluse

Take a look at progress of Peer Query


Upvote and resteem to support my work on Peer Query! The 30 days are not over yet, stick around!


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