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Dear PeerPlays Community,

The last two years have been an amazing time for the Peerplays project. I have been involved both as Director of PBSA and through Blockchain Projects BV’s contract work on the development of the Bookie Oracle Software (BOS).

The development of BookiePro has been an interesting technical challenge consisting of many moving parts. Being part of the broader team that worked so well together to deliver a unique on-chain betting exchange was an experience that I would not want to have missed.

Those that have worked closely with me will know that I am a tech-focused person who most enjoys tackling and finding solutions to technical challenges. Making money has never been, and never will be, the driving force behind what I do. This is why I (and Justin Fondriest) have devoted considerable time as unpaid directors of PBSA. In the initial stages of PBSA’s life, I enjoyed the time when my advice was appreciated, the internal atmosphere was excellent, and we all worked together to build up PBSA. The roadmap for PBSA and Peerplays was one that I could support with a clear conscience.

However, over the last few months, the atmosphere and intent within PBSA’s Board of Directors has changed. My general input, request for improved governance procedures, and demands for transparency have not been met with the attention, honesty, and integrity required for me to stay comfortable in my role as Director of the PBSA. Furthermore, recent changes to the composition of PBSA’s Board of Directors, its membership structures, and its general roadmap mean that PBSA’s direction no longer aligns with my values.

I therefore resign from my position as Director of PBSA, effective immediately.

-- Fabian

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Thanks for being one of the only few people in that project with any integrity. Goodluck!

I don't know how @jonathan.bahai and his folks can sleep at night knowing that they flat out scammed people so badly.

I'd love to trade back the 6000 PPY I got in the ICO. It absolutely ruined me and my family financially. Here we are, watching him vacationing in Thailand not doing anything without delivering a single product promised over a year after their initial supposed release dates, as in supposed to be out, working, and usable. The icing on the cake is how all traces of the applications that were advertised on the roadmap while money was being collected in the ICO (eight, sweeps, bookie mobile app, actual usability, etc) were seemingly wiped from the face of the earth AFTER he got everyone's money. Then of course created these bullshit shill entities to attempt to protect himself from litigation (IMO) like PBSA/eXeBlock. If that isn't a flat out scam, BitConnect is the best investment anyone could make.

Let me know if there's a buyback program! haha

I sign up to reply on this article. This news is bad. xeroc is on of the good guys.
What is happening in the PBSA? What changes to directors and membership?
More info please. THANK YOU

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