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RE: Announcement – BTS Snapshot Date

in #peerplays5 years ago

Great - another friggin rabbit hole LOL
OK i created a bitshares account - if anybody wants to help a broke carpenter you can #payitforward send some BTS to rxhector2k5 (while i figure out how to transfer some alt coins to trade)


awesome @kencode - thx , i went and read the article - very cool
i been bit-bummin for a few years - had a dash miner running but i moved and havent been able to plug it back in yet - i managed to get my dash transfered - now to convert it to bts

ok, this is weird
the 100 bts showed up - i sold dash for bts and got that OK
then your 100 bts just friggin dissappeared ?
its not in the transactions log at all - which is really friggin wierd

No :). I dint't send you any BTS. I linked you to kencode article. He's is doing giveaway in that topic.
Here you have little I'm sorry (sent you 1000)

wow, thats super awesome ;)
I could swear I saw my BTS at 100 (like right after I created bitshares account) - maybe i need more water - and by water i mean coffee is made out of water