Privex is now running a PeerPlays seed - High-speed block downloads for our customers

in peerplays •  2 years ago

At Privex, we have a lot of customers running various BitShares-based nodes, including STEEM, GOLOS, and PeerPlays.

We've decided to help out our customers by running a PeerPlays seed node from within our network. This means if you're located in our Germany region, you'll be downloading blocks at a full 1gbit/s, no slowdowns caused by connecting outside our network.

Don't worry if you're not a customer, our seed node has a whopping 1gbit/s (1000mbps) upload speed throughout the rest of Europe too. We trust you'll be happy with our brilliant connectivity.

Our seed node is:

seed-node = # @privex/@someguy123 (DE)

It's included by default in @someguy123's PeerPlays-in-a-Box.

If you're looking for a server provider for your new PeerPlays seed, RPC node, or Witness, check out our packages here. We accept STEEM, SBD, LTC, BTC, and many other cryptocurrencies on request :)

Do you like servers? We're hoping to blog about System Administration, primarily Linux/UNIX servers.

If you like our content, follow us :)

Contact us on STEEMIT.CHAT, or email sales [at]

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Awesome for us Europeans! Can I also recommend to my American friends?


Looks like one tech still so distant from many of us in the remote corners of Uganda

sweet. i'll be coming to you when i'm in a position to setup a witness for both steem and peerplays.