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RE: Betting with Bookie - In-Play Betting

in #peerplays4 years ago

Thats happened to me a few times. The psychology behind rooting for one team then having to completely switch is quite strange, and like you said when the initial team comes back and wins and you loose even more. Sometimes you just gotta trust your gut!


Hi @kryptocek,

Thanks for sharing your experience. It's definitely not fun when that happens! Hopefully luck is on your side more often than not.

As for trusting your gut, we actually tweeted something about that on Tuesday!

Interesting why it's better not to eat! Not that I don't believe research sometimes I jus think its so weird.. could be true though! Maybe its better to gamble in your boxers with only your left sock on too.. who knows haha!

If it works once, then "science" says it will work every time! :)

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