Content-Junkie PeerPlays Witness Proposal

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Hello PeerPlays (PPY) stakeholders and Steemians alike. This is my formal PeerPlays witness proposal. I am very excited about the PeerPlays project. You can read my previous article about it here. I currently have a witness up and running as content-junkie my seed node can be found at


I am a web developer and digital marketer with 15 years experience working on bleeding edge technologies. I bring with me the skills and experience of maintaining and developing for high volume systems. My work as a digital marketer has been responsible for 80+ million users acquired and counting.

I have been a crypto-currency enthusiast/hobbyist from the beginning. I can remember CPU mining bitcoin with the core wallet. My friends used to call me the guy that talks too much about 'internet nerd money' but now I'm the guy you need to have a chat with about 'internet nerd money'. I'm sure many of you can relate ;)

If you didn't know already I am the system administrator for @fyrstikken's Steem witness (@fyrst-witness). This means I bring with me relevant experience running a Graphene based witness server. I have also aided in the development of some of the publicly available Steem bots utilizing the Steem-Piston libraries.


I hope to offer my skills as web developer to tackle issues involving price feeds and event outcomes. I look forward to working with other witnesses to build these scraping tools to automate reliable feeds.

As a digital marketer I plan to use a portion of my proceeds for advertising PeerPlays to acquire new users.


  • Dedicate witness server
  • Seed node
  • Public API node coming soon

More Information About PeerPlays

How to claim your tokens:

Voting guide:

Witness setup guide:

Advanced witness backup guide:

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I'll vote for you. How many witnesses can we have? I already have 3.

I think you can vote for up to 1000. It's a little different from Steem's system.

Oh wow. I haven't figured out all of peerplays yet. Is voting for witnesses like voting for delegates in Ark. Like, is that how you stake, by voting for witnesses? It isn't really explained anywhere that I've found.

I will vote for you because you are the best

Hi! Have you heard about @krwhale? It is similiar with @randowhale. For your information please click on.

You're good at creating consistently good content bro!
What do you think about the future of PeerPlays?

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