Peerplays Witnesses are Coming Online

in peerplays-witness •  11 months ago

It's been a fun afternoon as witnesses start coming online preparing for the Peerplays launch!

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room for how many witnesses? Is this graphene based so the same 20/49 structure?


It's a little different - it has something to do with percentages of votes rather than having a hard cap.

I think because of this it can have anywhere from 10-1001 witnesses. They just all need to be within a certain range of each other in overall votes to be included in the block production schedule.

I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it lol, but an example would be:

User A: 10 Votes
User B: 10 Votes
User C: 9 Votes
User D: 9 Votes
User E: 3 Votes
User F: 2 Votes
User G: 2 Votes
User H: 2 Votes

This scenario would have 4 witnesses, and users's E-H wouldn't be block producers because they are too far away in total votes from User D. If User E got up to 9 votes, User E would then start producing blocks, bringing the total to 5 witnesses.

It's a dynamic number and I hope someone can explain it better than me :)


Hi Jesta, I voted for your witness on PeerPlays please consider voting for mine "content-junkie"


I'm proxied to @roelandp at the moment - we figured it was easier to have one person doing the initial voting than all of us :)

I am excited for this project too.

wait what? i thought it been delayed for a week?


It was. Aaaaand the week has passed!


its june 7th. let's get started...when they send the newsletter out to download wallet app of theirs right?


I don't have all the information on the GUI yet, but I can report that the backend works. I have been able to claim balances, upgrade to LTM, create a witness and transfer funds. I've requested that @openledger (Ronnie and team), work towards setting up a gateway OPEN.PPY. Looking forward to this as well.

great work . am very new here can you assist me ,i will be grateful