Shop with Steem Dollars [Peerhub Catalog - #11]

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Here is our latest issue of the Peerhub Catalog!
Please browse around and use your Steem Dollars to support the New Economy!



Let's start with some art!
From @danilamarilu:

Mixed Media Original Art - 40 SD

From @awispa:

Replica "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper - 90 SD

From @yadamaniart:

Drawing #177 - 35 SD

Drawing #177 - 35 SD

Also check out:
Drawing 20151101-2
Drawing #135


Some other items for your home!

From @gardenofeden:

Labradorite Massage Wand - 44 SD

Rose Quartz Massage Wand - 44 SD

From @mazi:

Got aches and pains? Chaparral - Healing Plant of the Desert - 15 SD


For your car!

From @future24:

Premium Quality Nano Protection For Windshields! - 90 SD


Want to buy Bitcoin?

From @steemrollin:

Selling Bitcoin at Mkt Rate - 1000 SD


->Services->Graphic Design

For your business or Steemit blog!

From @stephen.king989:

Graphic Design - 3-20 SD

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Thank you!!!


Wonderful post.. resteemed .. now I know where to shop.. @gardenofeden your rocks are beautiful... this is the first I have seen of this.. resteemed :)

@gardenofeden has some good stuff on Peerhub, you should check out their other listings!

Thanks for the resteem!

You should buy those pictures, they could be worth a fortune some day. 😂

You cal already find my original artworks on PeerHub:

Great to see your wonderful artwork posted on Peerhub!

Wow that is awsome. I did not k ow I could shop online with my SBD are you serious!!?....😵

Amazing..thank you for sharing ..

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