Wow!! really beautiful paintings. And great idea of accepting steem. I did not know about peer hub. I hope I can sell my guitar lesson videos too here. thanks for the share and the idea. Cheers!!!!!

Thank you! I think peerhub is a great tool to sell our products or service. I wish you much success to sell your guitar lessons!

Thank you for the best wishes. Wish you good luck too. :)

You rise above the bustle
And see how the world is beautiful -
And the sun is hot and clear,
And the dome of the sky is blue ...

You rise above the bustle
And give love and joy
The one in whom the heart was confused
From our life is not easy.

You give love to your friends,
After all, this spring is inexhaustible.
And this is the best of secrets:
"What we give - will come back to us"!

Thank you my dear!

Thank you so much for joining #steemgigs by using the tag. Do join us on the steemgigs discord server as well:

Thank you for the lovely poem to support Kalemandra, you support #steemgigs by doing this. Thank you. Do join us on the steemgigs discord server as well:

Very beautiful! I saw a lot of your work that I like!
Thank you for sharing
In gratitude RESTEEM

Andrianna, do join us on the steemgigs discord server as well:
"Everyone has something to offer!"

My Daughter is an aspiring artist here in Australia and I was looking for steemian artists to show her. Followed so I can find you again! Have a great day.

Oh, thank you! Though, many other better artists are here. I frequently resteem theitr works.

Now, I follow you back!

Oh thank you very much 😊 I haven't posted anything yet. Getting a feel for it first..

No problem! Awaiting your introduction. Use #introduceyourself tag.

Hi Kalemandra, have you heard of Redbubble?

It's another user friendly platform where you can sell your art as prints for t-shirts and many other items. Here is a link to my profile to get an idea:

great paintings

Good information.. thanks for sharing with us.. keep posting..

Awesome. Upvoted and Followed. I'm an artist too

What a beautiful and colourful paintings. I like. Keep it up.

Thank you! I'm glad you like them.

Beautiful pieces of art @kalemandra! Upped and resteemed :D

Thank you my dear!

So colorful! Loving the collection!

Best of luck with the sales.

Didnt know peerhub gonna have a lookt thanks

I think it worth it! Free and very simple to use.

some really nice artwork

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Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Peerhub. Thanks and good luck again!

We really like your paintings! Good luck with your sales! =)

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