Melanie Show is not released yet and, probably, they will try to knock her down with psychiatric provocation, label and "help"

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All over the world, the veil of collusion and psycho-manipulation is falling.
Satanism of "elites" and "ordinary, good people", i.e. human sacrifice of women and children, men also, cannibalism, sexual perversions, orgies, and degenerations are going to be exposed.

More and more victims are starting to speak out and publish their testimonies on the Internet, but many suffer from retaliation as in all human history, with immediate ostracism, persecution and an escalation of mockery, new rapes and trauma.

They are locked up in prisons and harassed even more there (i.e. if they were victims of homosexuals, they are locked up in cells with practicing homosexual deviants).
I am not talking about homosexual people, who do not follow these inclinations.

They are threatened to be raped or, indeed, they or fellow prisoners are raped.

One of the victims is Melanie Show, for having made public the terrible abuse of children, that took place at the Beechwood County Council's Children's Home in Nottinghamshire in the late 1980s.
Wednesday, 11 January 2016, Melanie Shaw, in a secret trial, was sentenced to two years imprisonment.
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Her case was publicized by UK Column magazine

and latest material (17:00)

It's not hard to imagine what Melanie Show reported, that she's been subjected to psychological abuse, harassed, she can not even close the door in the toleit or she is followed there.
Currently, after the end of her detention period, i.e. June 2, 2018, she is still not been released and from some Twitter conversations and posts I understood that she is accused of "beating/attacking the guard/staff of the prison".

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That is what she is being accused of. Of course, we know what it looks like: they mock and harass the victim to the point that she explodes and then they have the effect needed.
This is the normal way to manipulate the victim, who usually is on the edge and have the right to be.

The laughing abusers dress in the clothes of worried victims of raging, insane attacking person and they want only to help...

I don't even have to be there to know what they're doing...

As Katherine Horton also writes on her website at , they make obstacles to contact Melanie Show and provide further information about the issue.

There are other victims, and there are millions of them around the world, who do not even have one portal, one magazine, one group to support them. Nobody will write about them, because they did not even manage to report their case to anyone, because the family surrounded them and silenced them or just the family were perpetrators.
I hope that making public Melanie's case will help also other victims to come forward or, at least, express that victims have right to be devastated by such actions.
What they should feel? Dynamic enthusiasm? Or they should call the rape „other form of love, spiritual benefit or way of enlightenment, ect.”?

We, the victims, know what you are doing to those victims there, we see and hear your provocations, even if we are not there...