Rampant Pedophilia with Governments and Elites - A Conspiracy of Silence

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Are you serious? NO! It can't be true! You're sick!... Reality is hard to bear when one lives in an illusion.

Most people have heard of famous pedophilia within the Catholic Church establishment, and their cover-ups by higher authorities in the church and in local communities as well. Pedophilia isn't a stranger to other religions, as pedophiles are everywhere, in Judaism and Islam as well. For a movie on the Catholic coverup in the 1990s, check out Spotlight.

But one shocking place for many people to hear about pedophilia, is within the government agencies they so blindly trust to take care of so much of our way of life.

In 2012, investigations by Senator Grassley dug into 1,700 ignored reports of Pentagon employees using child porn, with over 5,000 employees involved. It turns out that there is a recognized epidemic. Reports have been coming in for the past decade. We are 2016 and still nothing happened. Investigation called off, with only 20% of the 264 people investigated being charged with anything. Why? Because this is the way of the world people. The people in power don't want themselves exposed, so they shut it down and scape goat a few lower rank bitches to take the fall. It's fucking dark in the shadows most people don't know about and wouldn't want to look into if they did.


It's now documented in two states (Main and Vermont) where the state apparatus is protecting and even running the child sex and trafficking rings. This includes police, lawyers, judges, government employees and the usual church officials covering up for each other. These powerful trafficking rings just keep going and makes these evil people a lot of money. Money for sexual pleasure entices some people and is a big industry. Pedophilia joins in on that cash flow to drive the criminal behavior, with abusers being paid $1000 for a night of rape.

Half of the child porn produce on the planet comes from the USA. Profits from this immoral behavior range between $2-30 billion per year!

Like I said, this isn't new. It's been uncovered by another Senator before, Senator John DeCamp. He wrote a book about his investigation into government organized pedophilia and murder rings. The book is called The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska. Yes, this is also called "Satanic abuse", not because it has any literal reality to an alleged "Satan", but because this shit is evil! It's therefore "Satanic", "demonic" etc. These are descriptive words to induce imagery about how deplorable these actions are.


Maybe you deny this?

If you go research this more, and read and listen to testimony of what happened to children and what they witnessed happen to others, you will see what is happening in the real world. It's some bad stuff. I won't describe some of the horrible things.

Here is a documentary made by the Discovery Channel in 1994, that was never aired and destroyed due to threats from Capitol Hill.

"During the several months that the documentary was being prepared and advertised for showing, major legislation impacting the entire future of the Cable TV industry was being debated on Capitol Hill. Legislation, which the industry opposed, was under debate for placing controls on the industry and the contents of what could be shown. Messages were delivered in no uncertain terms from key politicians involved in the Cable TV battle, that if the Conspiracy of Silence were shown on the Discovery Channel as planned, then the industry would probably lose the debate. An agreement was reached: Conspiracy of Silence was pulled, and with no rights for sale or broadcast by any other program; Yorkshire TV would be reimbursed for the costs of production, the Discovery Channel itself would never be linked to the documentary; and copies of Conspiracy of Silence would be destroyed."

Wikipedia won't even list the existence of this in their Conspiracy of silence section ... The Washington Times even did an article on it in 1989, and yet it's not reality for most people. Most people live in a fantasy of perceiving a false reality constructed by the media and society. What really happens in reality remains unreal to them, because they don't go looking, seeking to learn and find truth, just merely tacitly accepting the information being fed to them.


What's that, still not enough overview to entice you to investigate all of this? Mainstream news from the past years about the Pentagon isn't enough? Maybe it's just the USA that has a problem? Well... think again!

As most of us know there is Catholic church pedophilia, and I mentioned it happens in other religions. Go research and see the news channels and TV shows brings down Rabbi pedophiles in sting operations. But this just shows that it's not a localized issue that is part of the USA alone, despite the amount of child porn produced there. Sex trafficking rings exist into Europe, the Middle East, Israel, Russia, everywhere. It's global.


Take the UK. In 2014, the big government pedophile ring was busted again. What, again? Yes, that's right, in 2012 this was in the news and faded. Then it recently came back. In the USA, nothing much happened with the Franklin Cover-Up and John DeCamp. It's all hush hush. This sick shit is still going on in the USA and most people are unaware of it. But in the UK, they had another little exposure to send these cockroaches hiding (sorry to insult you cockroaches).


Jimmy Savile was a DJ and BBC television star who worked with children. It's estimated he abused over 1,000 girls and boys. He ran a pedo ring involving elite, government and even royalty alleging Princes Charles himself. MI5 has been helping to cover it up for years. Saville was "knighted" by the Queen in 1990, also "knighted" by the Pope in 1990 by being "honored" with a Papal knighthood. His title was " Knight Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great".

I know, I know... still not enough information for you to look into right...? You need "sources" from the "mainstream", right? Ok... how about 93 mainstream sources of the UK pedophilia? Enjoy the harsh reality.

And this is UK "Hollywood". Hollywood, USA is much worse. You can start by looking into the 80-90's child-star Corey Feldman and his experiences int he Hollywood pedophile rings.

In recent years, some so-called "academics" have been trying to normalize and naturalize pedophilia as just some other sexual behavior to be adopted and supported by society.

Society is getting sicker and more insane...

"Human sickness is so severe that few can bear o look at it. But those who do will become well.
- Vernon Howard"


Do you want to learn more?

More, added as per suggestions from commenters:

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2016-11-21, 11:32am

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Thanks, added the first one.

I keep this video on my harddrive permanently

Good job on tieing in all of these atrocities. I was wondering if you were going to include Hollywood as I read the article, and there it was.

I wonder whether some of these institutions seek out perverts because they will be easier to control...

You may want to consider Rotherdam...government officials at all levels and the Brit media covered up a Muslim child-prostitution ring


Yeah, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, doesn't matter. Anywhere on the planet.

In power, if you want to climb, you have to let yourself be blackmailed if you want to get to the top via getting into the dirty circles. So you joint hem in their dirty shit, get pictures in case you change your mind and try to turn on them in the future or try to get out, you're locked in for life. If you slip up, well pictures find their way into papers and you lose public support. Breaking loyalty to the cult comes at a high price.

This is a great post @krnel ! we need to crack this dirty nut wide open, sick of living in a world run by these sorts. It undermines the very fabric of our society when we cannot protect our own children and even those of others from the clutches of these disgusting demonical sorts who rejoice in the pain of innocence !! upvoted of course !


Thanks. Yes, more awareness is needed in many aspects of our lives, including this area. But most people are too busy having fun, enjoying life, to be bothered to spend time learning and seeking truth about the condition of our world... a lot easier and more fun to just have fun...


Yes totally agree with you @krnel, its a just a case of collective dissonance and childish ways of adults who think fun should be the be and end all of life.The refusal to grow up and face their reality while they stay in the safety of their personally decided playground ! Sadly some people,s playground is to steal from our real children their God given right to a future and still worse than that a life ! great post and so pleased to see this terrible subject exposed and offered as subject of debate for those of us that want to see this devilish regime brought into the Light !

And while we have a culture of victim-blaming, this will continue because no one wants to be the one to speak out and be ridiculed on top of the trauma of abuse.

how do we stop this sick shit ! we cant use the normal avenues because the normal avenues are knee deep in it.

Every week, part of my job involves summarizing news articles on sexual abuse scandals. Every week, the list we keep grows. Here is a massive list of those news article summaries.


Awesome, thanks for that.

What does the church and government have in common?
They are authority figures. There is a chance people who have joined these ranks have done so because they were already sick and were trying to get away with their doings, but there's also a chance this line of work made them sick.

Police, making 35 cents an hour where I am from, take the street boys, homesless kids and abuse them. So this has little to do with wealth, it has more to do with having a position of authority over others and how unnatural this is. Everyone who tries to rule over others gets sick and sexual illness seems to be most common when it comes to authority.


Yeah, it's global. It stays in operation because all the powerful people are into it and protect it, across the planet, in any country. Since the audience is mostly Western, I targeted our blindness to our own society. It's a problem around the world. In some countries, it's more visible, and people know about it more, but still the government is in power and it keeps going... it's a sad mad mad world:

Mad World by Gary Jules


I know people who, given authority, have not gotten sick.
I know many more people who are sick (to begin with), and these thugs are just looking for any excuse to get authority over others. The most intelligent of these thugs ALWAYS end up at the top of hierarchies. That is their primary goal; to have power over others. I would say that it is more important to them than breathing.

Since we have been indoctrinated into the chain of followers (command) through 12 years of indoctrination where order following is the highest principal, then the pyramid that allows this behavior is all most can imagine.

I just happened on an Anonymous fb post outing many supposed twitter users sharing child porn. I'm not sure of the validity???


Check out snopes.com. I'm not sure of it's complete validity either, but it's worth the read.


Snopes refutes anything the alt media puts out. There must be a middle ground somewhere.

Even the podesta e-mails are telling something.i hope something more will come out of it than Clinton losing.they must be hanged. those poor kids.

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I am 53. I've been on the internet since 1994, and have seen many similar scandals come and vanish including Franklin, Dolphin Square, etc. but this is the worst. Surely, this exposure of the American hub of this international pedophile ring will be the one to bring down the house. What I can't understand is how anyone can look at all of this evidence and still say there is no truth in our claims. Although I do understand cognitive dissonance but, damn...


Yeah it's something... people don't want truth in full, they want to choose want to accept and reject lol.