Just heard a police detective/officer say in a video that if one sees certain pedophilic content

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One will become an abuser, and he also added that it is probable that a viewer of that content is already an abuser, but it is the topic of this post that amazes me.
He did not mention any probability for his claim, which means he meant it at 100%.
A man in his crowd also seemed amazed by his statement.
What does it imply about the policemen, prosecutors, psychiatrists and judges that reviewed those materials?
They may know it on themselves.
I wonder about the speaker himself.
I also wonder why did this video get the like/dislike ratio that it got.
These ratios tend to turn positive, but a more in depth and comparative analysis of them is sort of a communal judgement that tends to be close to my opinion about the video.
I also wonder if there are such strong video influences to influence people in ways other than to turn them into active pedophiles.
If there are videos that can turn one into a killer, or a thief, or a pacifist, or more intelligent, or less intelligent or other things.
I thought such statements were conspiracy theorists' and ignorants' stuff, but I might have been wrong.

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