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The Instagram accounts of those associated with Comet Pizza provided a plethora of disturbing images as well as a way of tracing some people of interest centered around the pizzeria and its connections to Hillary supporters.

The ‘Jimmy Comet’ account, widely believed to belong to James Alefantis, gave us a glimpse into the seedy DC underworld of alleged child trafficking.

David Brock & Lynn Rothschild photographed by Jimmy Comet -

Long after Hillary’s improbable election lose, after the maelstrom controversy surrounding the Podesta emails had died down and after much silence from the Hillary supporters, Rothschild eventually points the finger at John Podesta.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild lashes out at John Podesta on twitter (February 21, 2017).

What caused Rothschild to lash out against Podesta in this way? No one else has. He has been given a pass by the legacy media (which he now works for) and the major players involved in the pizzagate investigation have remain very quiet since election day in November.

She accuses Podesta of:

“…destroying a great family and [you John Podesta] are a loser”

The family in question is undoubtedly the Clintons. It’s quite interesting that Podesta receives this public berating from a Rothschild. Perhaps a warning from the elite class, that this will all come down on him if more damage is done.

Pedogate/Pizzagate Connections

The combination of the following helps to bring new developments into focus:

Rothschild’s tweet at John Podesta

The Jimmy Comet Instagram photograph (above) with David Brock and Rothschild

Wikileaks - Brock’s email invitation to Podesta for his book launch at the residence of Lynn Rothschild

HRC’s Wikileaks State Department emails to and from Lynn Rothschild

Lynn Forester de Rothschild on the Board at the McCain Institute

Clinton Foundation and McCain Foundation receiving Saudi donations

Rothschild major fundraiser for HRC and John McCain presidential campaigns

We can see clear relationships between the ‘Lady’ Rothschild, Hillary Clinton (esp. Campaign staff) and John McCain.

Wikileaks recently tweeted about Rothschild and the McCain Institute.

McCain Institute / THORN / Palantir / NCMEC

Ashton Kutcher on THORN

Earlier this month, Ashton Kutcher (THORN / McCain Institute) testified at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Human Trafficking. During his performance, Kutcher highlighted the successes of his foundation in helping law enforcement protect, locate and save children from human trafficking with the help of THORN’s proprietary software.

After reflecting on Mr. Kutcher’s speech, one statement in particular made by Mr. Kutcher has reverberated in my mind.

He was speaking of the duality of technology and how tools can be used either for good or evil purposes depending on the intent of those who control it.

Skip to @5:55 -

Mr. Kutcher states:

“As an entrepreneur and as a venture capitalist that’s in the technology field, I see technology as simply a tool. A tool without will. The will is the user of that technology and I think that’s an important distinction.”

… “Technology can be used to enable slavery, but it can also be used to disable slavery.”

Indeed, he’s correct in his assessment of technology and this utterance can just as well be applied in reverse;

Technology can be used to disable slavery, but it can also be used to enable slavery.

This notion of a dual-purpose tool can also be applied to the NCMEC / ICMEC and their database of missing and exploited children. The NCMEC boasts of their increased abilities to find missing children using Palantir’s cutting edge proprietary software to synthesize enormous amounts of data allowing the organization to track the missing in ‘real-time’.
This is precisely the type of tool that, if used inappropriately, could very well be used to locate and prey on the most vulnerable members of our society.

Also see Hiding in Plain Sight – NCMEC

George Webb – Day 126

On Day 126, Webb names the NCMEC as providing ‘jail-bait’ for prospective clients.

Let’s not forget the origins of Palantir as mass surveillance software. Palantir software was developed by Peter Thiel with tens of millions in seed money from the CIA’s venture capital branch In-Q-Tel.

Source: The Intercept

Palantir has been used extensively by the military to locate targets and provide support to US special forces in real time. source

PROMIS software was the precursor to Palantir, it allows users to gain access to worldwide banking records. The now infamous US contractor DynCorp was among the earliest organizations to put it to use. Dyncorp was and, in all likeliness still is, involved in human trafficking in the Balkans. [See Bosnia sex-trafficking]

Also see The Pizzagate Wiki – DynCorp – PROMIS – Palantir

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The infighting begins- I LOVE it!

Turns out Palantir is not only backing a response to the narrative of human trafficking but also those of civil unrest, natural disaster and the refugee crisis:

Another great article--thank you for your work. Keep fighting the good fight.

Child sex rings bring the pedophiles out of the background, who can then be put in positions of power and blackmailed with the threat of exposing their crimes involving children. Same with homosexual sex rings such as in Bohemian grove. The feeling of shame and guilt helps in this blackmail.