Is Ben Szemkus Missing?

in #pedogate5 years ago (edited)

You may not recognize his hame but he's the guy who came forward about attending a NVIXM recruiting party several tears back. He asserts that James Alefantis, Anthiney Weiner, Huma Abidine, and Stormy Daniels. He also asserts that they had a snuff video that they watched.James Alefantis in attendance only further strengthens the #pizzagate case against him in regards to being a child trafficker and molester.

Ben had taken a polygraph and it was determined he was being truthful about the facts he brought forth.

According to @IsaacKappy @BernXmas ( Twitter handles) whistleblower is missing- he came forward about attending the part where they presented a snuff film- Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedi, Stormy Daniels and James Alefantis of #pizzagate infamy.


Now that Comey and Strozk were taken down we can finally see who is behind protecting these creep once and for all. Soon we will see.

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@titusfrost - did you see Ben passed that polygraph? Alefantis was there.

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Someone commented on the Frank Report:

Ben Szemkus called Tana
July 28, 2018 at 5:29 pm
He’s safe and sound. He said Washington state is one of the 17 states that have criminal defamation laws that put people like him in jail. And he is terrified of going to jail so he went into hiding.

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