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RE: Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn (Part 2)

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Umm you realize of course that you just promised us a defeat of yourselves and then a resurgence of your system. You intent to then control us against our will to see the world in your way so that we will abandon our cultures, religions, and individualism to be baptized into YOUR faith.

That my friends IS the same NWO religion the pedovore, pedocracy have planned. "Um yeah we won't rape kids anymore...or at least you'll be too mind controlled to suspect us anymore"

The Golden Dawn is Crowley's teaching. Same thing all of Hollywood and the media stars follow. The same people fucking kids and carving up cakes that look like people.

WAKE UP everyone.


I am a voluntarist. I am not about forcing anyone to do anything. The Baptism of the Golden Dawn would be a voluntary ritual to mark a global debt reset and a freeing of all slaves. That includes spiritual slaves. It frankly has nothing to do with forcing anyone to do anything. Quite the opposite. It’s about freedom. No one is going to tell anyone they can’t devote themselves to Jesus, or Lord Kek, or any other diety; it’s simply a decision to end slavery. How this is somehow misconstrued as evil, in any way, is as shocking as it is impressive (that’s some quality indoctrination ya got there;)

When I wrote this, I did not fully appreciate the propensity for many Christians to see it as some mandatory one world religion. Sorry to disappoint, but this is NOT what I’m suggesting at all. Freedom from slavery is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a ‘religion.’ New spiritual practices emerge all the time, and will continue to emerge—especially once the occulted spiritual sciences are revealed. Nor was there ever any suggestion of anyone taking the ‘mark of the beast,’ as others have suggested.

This is about a total destruction of the NWO system, not some attempt to satisfy Biblical prophecy. Somehow it still upsets Christian fundamentalists. What do you guys want me to do, erase the final protocol and just end it with ‘Then Jesus comes home, and we all live happily ever after’?

You do make a valid point of the fact that it is a transformation of the current ruling system. It is a revolution—an evolution—triggered within the system itself. This is the only way to take down the cabal, free the slaves, and destroy the totalitarian Satanic NWO: to trigger a revolution within the system itself. This is what we are already witnessing.

This is about giving the slaves of the system the tools they need to free themselves, and each other, from enslavement by the totalitarian NWO. If you think freedom from slavery is somehow the same thing as slavery, then you might be trying a little too hard to make this fit your preconceived ideas.

I addressed the vocabulary of the title at the end of part 2 of ‘Revelations of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn’ and I’m not going to repeat that explanation here. But here’s a hint: Just because I used the words ‘Golden Dawn’ does not mean I have anything to do with Crowley’s Order of the Golden Dawn (nor does it have anything to do with the political party in Greece called ‘Golden Dawn,’ nor any other person or group to have used these words).

You May have noticed I also used the word ‘Revelations.’ This does not mean I have any connection with the Vatican, nor the teachings of the Holy Bible. The use of the word ‘Protocols’ was a tongue-in-cheek parody of the Zionists, and by no means is to be construed as an indication that I am a Zionist. Oh, and the use of the term ‘Illuminated’ does not mean I am a member of the Illuminati, nor does the use of the word ‘Sun’ somehow indicate that I am a member of some ancient Roman Solar cult (which, by the way, was rebranded and has become one of the most successful religions on Earth).

They are simply words. They have their own meanings. Free thinkers, intellectuals, and wordsmiths tend to do that: we use words in new ways, according to the actual meaning of the words themselves. I know, what a radical idea!

Anyway, thanks for telling me what my ‘faith’ supposedly is. I didn’t realize I even had a faith! I’ve had profound mystical experiences, and directly experienced the divine realm. I don’t follow any religious dogma, and have no use for ‘faith’ or ‘belief.’ I don’t ‘believe’ in God—I KNOW Him. Some people call it ‘gnostic illumination,’ but I wouldn’t want to use those words; you might think that means I’m a ‘Gnostic’ or in the ‘Illuminati.’ But go ahead, tell me what my ‘faith’ is.

Go ahead, wake everyone up to my evil agenda: to help free people from debt and blackmail slavery, to save children from sex trafficking to pedophiles and sacrifice by Satanic cults, and to help trigger the controlled demolition of the totalitarian New World Order from within, so everyone can live freely on this planet. Wow, you really found me out! How could I be so evil?!

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