Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn (Part 2)

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Protocol 5: Topple Globalist Pedocracy

1.) The world will be united by the New World Order globalists, but not in the way the globalist had hoped. The nations of Earth will be united through our shared disgust and unanimous rejection of the globalist pedocracy.

2.) As the true extent of all the crimes, lies, conspiracies, and atrocities of the Satanic financial elite and their minions are brought to light, questions will naturally arise as to how such evil corruption and total deception was even possible. This is when the public is introduced to the reality of the pedophile blackmail slave, and how such mind control was used to control the media’s deceptions and even to commit false flag terrorism, such as in LV.

3.) A controlled demolition of the NWO—a total systemic collapse—will be triggered through disclosure of this simple fact: The NWO is a Satanic criminal cabal of central bankers who have used pedophile blackmail slavery to infiltrate government, media, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies to create a Satanic totalitarian empire of the NWO through shadow government pedocracy.

4.) The greatest strength of the NWO system is transformed into their greatest weakness, by simply shifting from darkness to light. By distilling control down to a select few psychopathic pedophiles, the NWO was able to concentrate their control and limit their liability. This same mechanism, however, created a concentration of criminals whose crimes have already been digitally documented by various intelligence agencies, within their blackmail ‘control files.’ The NWO was designed perfectly for a controlled demolition.

5.) The world will be united through our shared humanity, through our collective and unanimous rejection of the globalist cabal. Every country will share in the ritual of exposing and prosecuting the crimes of the cabal.

6.) Every country will be united by our collective freedom from slavery and our shared respect of each other’s sovereignty. A federation of freed countries will unite in support of each other’s freedom.

7.) The political left and right will be united by their disgust with the tactics of the globalists. The left will have more deprogramming to do, for their collective empathy had been most effectively exploited by the cynical globalists and nihilist cultural Marxists. The right will feel relief, but will naturally avoid the kind of right wing fascism of the past. Indeed, unity will emerge naturally from the disillusionment of the lifted veil.

Protocol 6: Reset Global Financial System

1.) The global financial system will be reset at the Mar-a-Lago Summit. Global sovereign debts will be collectively voided by a one time global jubilee.

2.) In the US the Federal Reserve will be declared unconstitutional and illegitimate and the criminal institution will be dissolved.

3.) The truth will be revealed about how the unconstitutional criminal institution of the Federal Reserve was able to be passed by a corrupted government. The assassinations of the Fed’s biggest opponents (Guggenheim, Astor, Strauss) during the sinking of the Titanic will be brought to light. The blackmail of congress and the president to pass the bill, illegally, and without a legal quorum on what would later become the exoteric Satanic holiday of ‘Festivus’ 12/23/1913 (another rebranding of esoteric Saturnalia) will be revealed. Americans will realize that while the majority of congress was on recess celebrating Christmas, a handful of Satanic pedocrats gathered in DC to pass an illegal bill to give a foreign banking cabal (the one blackmailing them) control of the US financial system.

4.) The money printing authority in the US will be returned to the rightful constitutional jurisdiction of the Treasury. The US dollar will be reset as a legitimate gold backed currency.

5.) All student loan debt will be voided. Debt slavery (indentured servitude through non-dischargeable student loan debt) will be made illegal, again.

Protocol 7: Secure World Peace

1.) Peace with North Korea will be secured, with nuclear disarmament and a phased reunification of the peninsula initiated. The combination of the technological infrastructures the South with the cheap and disciplined labor force of the North will combine to create an emergent economic powerhouse, which will balance and harmonize Chinese and Japanese influence in the region.

2.) The control ‘strings’ will be cut, dethroning the CIA and Rothschild control over NK. The announcement of this agreement, however, will be delayed until late Spring or early Summer 2018 to maximize the political impact in the US.

3.) Peace with Iran will be secured, using a combination of irresistible economic and technological incentives, to balance the implied martial pressures. The optics of the negotiation will allow both the Iranians and Trump to both save face. Trump will appear to be generous and the Iranians honored.

4.) The issue of Israel will finally be resolved, and peace finally secured in the Middle East. The precise details of this arrangement is to remain occulted, for now.

5.) What can be revealed, however, is that the non-Semitic origins of the Ashkanazim will be acknowledged, and their real homeland identified as Khazaria. The original plot of the Rothschilds to sacrifice the nation of Israel, which they also created (via the Balfour Declaration), to fulfill their plot to trigger WWIII will also be revealed.

6.) The true Semites—Sephardic Jews of Israel and the Muslims of Palestine—will be united by the acknowledgment of their shared oppression and exploitation at the hands of the Zionists.

7.) Both Crimea and Astana will factor in the Middle East peace agreement as alternate homelands for any non-Semitic Ashkenazi (Khazarian) Jews who find the new arrangement disagreeable and decide to leave Israel.

Protocol 8: Unveil Occult Sciences and Technology

1.) The fall of the cabal enables breaking the truth embargo on various scientific breakthroughs and secret technologies. Most important and spectacular among them being non-combustion propulsion systems and highly efficient clean energy technologies. These technologies had been shelved for ‘national security,’ because they threatened the petrodollar power structure.

2.) The unveiling of occult energy technology is enabled by two convergent factors: 1.) solar power was beginning to eclipse oil and coal in cost effectiveness (the removal of subsidies and use of arial spraying were only temporary delays of the inevitable rise of solar power), and 2.) the petroyuan was poised to eclipse the petrodollar. The new gold backed dollar makes both petroleum alternatives, and alternative currencies used to buy petroleum, no longer threats to ‘national security.’

3.) The unacknowledged special access programs (USAPs) will be revealed, and the truth will be told about the varieties of unexplained aerial phenomena.

4.) The breakaway civilization and its deep underground military bases (DUMBs), and the tunnel systems and high-speed maglev trains which connect them, will be de-occulted. The plan of the cabal hierarchy to survive the nuclear holocaust they planned to trigger, by living underground in this DUMB system will be revealed. It will also be revealed that they used some of these DUMBs to breed and traffic human children to feed their Satanic pedocracy blackmail slavery control system, through which they exerted absolute control over the world shadow government of the NWO.

5.) Along with the disclosure of non-combustion propulsion systems, and an explanation of UAPs, will be disclosure of the real history of human space exploration.

6.) The occulted truths will finally be revealed about our true history, the nature of consciousness, and our place in a complex and mysterious Universe of higher intelligence and multi-dimensional existence.

Protocol 9: Baptize Humanity into the ‘Golden Dawn’

1.) The event will involve a spiritual baptism, a ritual to mark the release from all forms of bondage. The ritual marks the act of being absolved of all debts, all blackmail ‘control files,’ all oaths, and all ‘soul contracts.’

2.) The consciousness of nearly all humans on Earth will inevitably be affected by the global financial reset, for it is an attention concentrating and emotionally entraining event. For the first time since 9/11 the entire world will have an event of shared attention and emotion. In many ways the consciousness of humanity will be cognitively, affectively, and conatively entrained. You probably have never heard of ‘conation,’ because it is the most occulted aspect of the mind: volition/will/spirit. We will not only be entrained in what we are thinking and feeling, but in what we are collectively desiring.

3.) The event is a sequel to 9/11. 9/11 marked the beginning of humanity’s collective and unwitting initiation into a mystery school tradition. The 17 years between 2001 and 2018 was the ‘dark night of the soul’ for all of humanity, as the NWO agenda was foisted on the world’s population by the pedocracy, while petrodollar wars and opiate epidemics traumatized the globe, and the mainstream media kept us in the dark. This event will mark the end of the dark night of the soul for humanity. The truth about 9/11 will finally be brought to light, as part of the overall global unveiling of the NWO cabal and ALL of its many crimes against humanity.

4.) The impact of this event may be potentiated by electromagnetic entrainment of humanity into a shared state of bliss consciousness. This phenomenon may involve a natural celestial event predicted and expected to occur, such as passing through a photon belt of highly energized cosmic rays which will affect us all on both a conscious and molecular level, which has been predicted by many spiritualists and channelers. It is also possible that it will involve an artificial geomagnetic phenomenon in which HAARP systems, and/or telecom antennae, are used to temporarily change the frequency of the Schumann resonance in order to entrain and induce a shared state of altered consciousness—bliss—for all of humanity. In other words, the altered consciousness induced by the event may be potentiated by natural and/or artificial means.

5.) On the other side, participants will pledge their allegiance to Gaia, humanity, and their respective nations—and the divine principles of freedom, truth, and love. Everyone is given a fresh start, with the understanding that freedom, and commitment to each other’s freedom, is the highest ideal—to which everyone naturally and voluntarily commits.

6.) While freedom of religion continues, all previous spiritual oaths, covenants, and contracts are voided.

7.) Usury, debt, indentured servitude, and all other forms of slavery and bondage, including blackmail and coercion, will be universally abolished. Secrecy will no longer be tolerated. Indeed, due to the release of advanced technologies, we will realize that secrecy will no longer be possible.

8.) In the aftermath, many Western countries will legalize drugs and all so called ‘vice’ crimes. Some activities are limited to specific areas, venues, and/or states. Regulation and taxes allow for a relatively healthy assimilation of the previously black market activity into the light.

9.) Effective treatments for addiction will be made available to all, including ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction and LSD treatment for alcoholism. Both of these treatments have already been proven in scientific trials to have over 60% success rates, with only one (1) administration. The only reason why they have been kept from the general population has been the fact that the opiate epidemic, and substance addiction in general, has been highly lucrative to multiple factions of the cabal.

10.) Going forward: Secular spiritual centers and temples will combine ritual ceremony, architecture, music, multimedia, PEMF, and entheogens (such as micro-doses of LSD and MDMA) to reliably produce shared altered states of higher consciousness. Old religious traditions will not be abolished, but allowed to fade naturally, or adapt and evolve. (Except, of course, for religious traditions that involve slavery, ritual abuse, rape, and/or human sacrifice. No more of that will be allowed.)

11.) The Golden Dawn is the Great Awakening of humanity, and the beginning of the Golden Age. The nature of human consciousness will never be the same, in a way that is impossible to describe, yet it is as inevitable as it is ineffable. We are the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn and these are our Protocols.


Brilliant Vision - thanks for this perspective.

A possible version of how we arrived here (hopefully) outside of the DARPA structure where censorship has no meaning anymore:

this is just how iv been seeing this all unfold now for 30 years.. i am just so happy that its finally unfolding...

Wonderful vision, @c-change! I really enjoyed reading it. Looks like it is unfolding in real time as the Korea unification announcement approaches this week! Thanks for taking the time to really envision how a peaceful world renaissance will roll out on Earth! May it be so!

Very good post 👊😎

Y'all got chapters or anything?
I feel like I missed Spring Rush, but like...
Will this do as a resumé?


Umm you realize of course that you just promised us a defeat of yourselves and then a resurgence of your system. You intent to then control us against our will to see the world in your way so that we will abandon our cultures, religions, and individualism to be baptized into YOUR faith.

That my friends IS the same NWO religion the pedovore, pedocracy have planned. "Um yeah we won't rape kids anymore...or at least you'll be too mind controlled to suspect us anymore"

The Golden Dawn is Crowley's teaching. Same thing all of Hollywood and the media stars follow. The same people fucking kids and carving up cakes that look like people.

WAKE UP everyone.

I am a voluntarist. I am not about forcing anyone to do anything. The Baptism of the Golden Dawn would be a voluntary ritual to mark a global debt reset and a freeing of all slaves. That includes spiritual slaves. It frankly has nothing to do with forcing anyone to do anything. Quite the opposite. It’s about freedom. No one is going to tell anyone they can’t devote themselves to Jesus, or Lord Kek, or any other diety; it’s simply a decision to end slavery. How this is somehow misconstrued as evil, in any way, is as shocking as it is impressive (that’s some quality indoctrination ya got there;)

When I wrote this, I did not fully appreciate the propensity for many Christians to see it as some mandatory one world religion. Sorry to disappoint, but this is NOT what I’m suggesting at all. Freedom from slavery is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a ‘religion.’ New spiritual practices emerge all the time, and will continue to emerge—especially once the occulted spiritual sciences are revealed. Nor was there ever any suggestion of anyone taking the ‘mark of the beast,’ as others have suggested.

This is about a total destruction of the NWO system, not some attempt to satisfy Biblical prophecy. Somehow it still upsets Christian fundamentalists. What do you guys want me to do, erase the final protocol and just end it with ‘Then Jesus comes home, and we all live happily ever after’?

You do make a valid point of the fact that it is a transformation of the current ruling system. It is a revolution—an evolution—triggered within the system itself. This is the only way to take down the cabal, free the slaves, and destroy the totalitarian Satanic NWO: to trigger a revolution within the system itself. This is what we are already witnessing.

This is about giving the slaves of the system the tools they need to free themselves, and each other, from enslavement by the totalitarian NWO. If you think freedom from slavery is somehow the same thing as slavery, then you might be trying a little too hard to make this fit your preconceived ideas.

I addressed the vocabulary of the title at the end of part 2 of ‘Revelations of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn’ and I’m not going to repeat that explanation here. But here’s a hint: Just because I used the words ‘Golden Dawn’ does not mean I have anything to do with Crowley’s Order of the Golden Dawn (nor does it have anything to do with the political party in Greece called ‘Golden Dawn,’ nor any other person or group to have used these words).

You May have noticed I also used the word ‘Revelations.’ This does not mean I have any connection with the Vatican, nor the teachings of the Holy Bible. The use of the word ‘Protocols’ was a tongue-in-cheek parody of the Zionists, and by no means is to be construed as an indication that I am a Zionist. Oh, and the use of the term ‘Illuminated’ does not mean I am a member of the Illuminati, nor does the use of the word ‘Sun’ somehow indicate that I am a member of some ancient Roman Solar cult (which, by the way, was rebranded and has become one of the most successful religions on Earth).

They are simply words. They have their own meanings. Free thinkers, intellectuals, and wordsmiths tend to do that: we use words in new ways, according to the actual meaning of the words themselves. I know, what a radical idea!

Anyway, thanks for telling me what my ‘faith’ supposedly is. I didn’t realize I even had a faith! I’ve had profound mystical experiences, and directly experienced the divine realm. I don’t follow any religious dogma, and have no use for ‘faith’ or ‘belief.’ I don’t ‘believe’ in God—I KNOW Him. Some people call it ‘gnostic illumination,’ but I wouldn’t want to use those words; you might think that means I’m a ‘Gnostic’ or in the ‘Illuminati.’ But go ahead, tell me what my ‘faith’ is.

Go ahead, wake everyone up to my evil agenda: to help free people from debt and blackmail slavery, to save children from sex trafficking to pedophiles and sacrifice by Satanic cults, and to help trigger the controlled demolition of the totalitarian New World Order from within, so everyone can live freely on this planet. Wow, you really found me out! How could I be so evil?!

Ever since I heard these protocols via another truther on YouTube a couple months ago, I've wanted to respond to them. I can't find much you left out, it's a comprehensive look at the State of the planet. When I talk about the New Earth ideas, though, I tend to like to add the details of the occulted technologies, about human origins, etc, but I get why they are spoken of in broad terms, the most practical one being the sheer unwieldiness of a detailed post.
So forgiving you for those scant mentions, I do feel there is a matter I do need to push back on. Jesus'Sovereignty over our universe, and the worship of the Source Creator must be primary as we move into Light and Life collectively. I can appreciate the intent of your wording regarding religious freedoms; and I'm in total agreement on that; but I feel not naming our celestial alliences as well as our material ones is continuing the legacy of the Lucifer Manifesto.

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