The Truth About John McCain's Pedophile "Campaign Manager" Jeffrey Bartleson (Pedogate Pizzagate)

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The Truth about McCain’s Supposed Campaign Manager Being Arrested for Pedophilia. This is not recent news, it happened back in 2009.

Let’s be clear. I do not like Senator John McCain. He is a George Soros backed puppet for the globalist elite. And he is NOT a true conservative. But the headlines are sensational. They make it sound like his "Campaign Manager" was just arrested when it was in fact, ONE of his state level campaign managers who was arrested, back in 2009!. The person in question, is Jeffrey Claude Bartleson, an apparent creepy child stalker and molester.

Here are some articles. They are biased, so read them all and glean the facts. Than form your own conclusions:
John McCain’s campaign manager arrested over pedophilia charges against young boys, Media silent:

Pedogate: John McCain's Campaign Manager Arrested On Pedophile Charges:

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100% agreed.
This was posted to voat numerous times with the same sensational title. If you read the comments, people were pointing out the fact that it wasn't his 'campaign manager'. And STILL, people were upvoting it without looking into it at all.

I posted this article to a steemit post with the same 'campaign manager' title to help clarify things:

The sources here are weak as fuck: northcrane? and neonettle?

I get it, people get excited about new leads, but goddamnit do at least a cursory examination of the facts before spreading this shit around.

Last point, fuck warmonger McCain and his Saudi / Rothschild funded institute.

Thanks for clearing the air on that. Facts are facts, wherever they may lead.

I thought it was interesting!

its up to 70 now.