BROCK PIERCE | EOS co-founder, Bitcoin Foundation Board Member, Founder Of TETHER, Clinton Foundation Member, is an Alleged Pedophile with ties to convicted pedofile Colins-Rector

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Brock is one of the pedofiles featured in this Documentry. " This video has been removed several times from YouTube and other platforms. We are posting this here in an effort to shed light on this subject and to let the crypto community discuss and research further"

Collins-Rector stepped down as CEO of DEN in October 1999. Soon after he was sued in New Jersey for allegedly sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy from 1993-1996. Pierce also quit his position at DEN and left the United States as the company filed for bankruptcy. The Los Angeles court awarded default judgments in favor of the plaintiffs in the civil lawsuits against them, according to court documents.

Pierce and Collins-Rector were arrested two years later at the Spanish seaside resort of Marbella after a grand jury in Newark indicted Collins-Rector for sex offenses against minors, according to the Associated Press.

Pierce was released without charges, according to the AP.

Collins-Rector spent two years at a Spanish prison before being extradited to the United States, where he was convicted of transporting minors across state lines for the purpose of having sex with them, according to the AP and court documents. SOURCE:

The truth is up for you to decide

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Any actual proof or evidence on Brock? Much in the video about him? What time? I cannot watch it all.

Making a Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico

They call what they are building Puertopia. But then someone told them, apparently in all seriousness, that it translates to “eternal boy playground” in Latin. So they are changing the name: They will call it Sol.


As fucked up as it seems and IS. Elites are pushing for a world where children are back on the menu. I'm not saying anything about Brock (cryptodial dundee) because I haven't researched it fully but the super rich already have safe havens for their tendencies. They already have free pass (those in the right circles) so it's not so far fetched to think that they see an opportunity to come in as the savior to an impoverished nation to then have it become a factory for their sinister desires.

The family unit is also broken.
Children are already connected to the programing. Both were no accident.


Cryptodial dundee! That had me in stitches.

He worked as a child actor, so possibly the connections are all there just from him growing up in the movie industry and therefore being around "those kinds of people" and knowing them that way through life. I don't know or claim to know though.


Yeah but as far as I can now see (after watching video and looking into it more) Brock is only guilty by association. That's not a free pass but it doesn't put him in the same category as those who were convicted and are now in the sex offenders database.

Approximately 14 years ago, I was falsely accused of sexual assault in civil lawsuits filed against multiple defendants in California by a man named Mike Egan and some of his friends. They apparently saw an opportunity to extort money from several entrepreneurs, including me. I was never served with the lawsuits and didn’t even know they existed. When I later became aware, I immediately went to court in California and aggressively cleared my name. Each of the lawsuits was dismissed by the Courts with the full consent of Mr. Egan and the other plaintiffs, none of whom seemed eager to further perjure themselves in open court in the face of someone standing up to them. These civil actions arose from my association, at the age of 17, with a tech startup called Digital Entertainment Network, which was founded by a man who was later charged with certain federal offenses that dated back to many years before I joined the company. Let me emphasize this: Despite a full investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s office, the FBI and the State of California into the allegations, I was never charged with anything whatsoever by anyone and was cleared of any wrongdoing.

From LGBTI wiki:

Bisexual actors, 1982 births, Living people: Brock Pierce
Actor Brock Pierce (born November 14, 1980 in Minnesota), is an American actor best known for playing the title role in the Disney's First Kid. Pierce's first major acting role was playing a young Emilio Estevez in The Mighty Ducks. Pierce reprised the role again in D2: The Mighty Ducks. In 1994, Pierce had a small role in Little Big League, but did not receive his next big break until 1996, starring alongside Sinbad as Luke Davenport in Disney's First Kid. Brock landed a few TV roles in 1997, but they would be his last credited performances.
Life after acting.
Pierce retired from acting in favor of producing, producing a show for gay teenagers called Chad's World.[1][2][3] Pierce has hinted at his own bisexuality in an interview with Oasis Magazine, an online homosexual interest magazine: "I'm not, at the moment, seeing anyone, so whether it's a girl or a guy... I don't want to eliminate myself from seeing anyone, because I like all people."[4][5]
Pierce began enjoying a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles riding the Dot-com bubble with the Digital Entertainment Network. As an 18 year old, Pierce was making $250,000 a year and held 1% of the company's shares.[6]After the collapse of the Digital Entertainment Network, Pierce fled the U.S. with co-founders Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Schackley after a number of former underaged DEN employees accused the three of sexual abuse, drugging them, and making violent threats. They were later dubbed by the New York Post as the "dot-com perverts."[7][8][9] The three were arrested by Spanish police before being returned to the U.S. to face charges of transporting a minor across state lines for the purpose of engaging in sexual acts. Only Collins-Rector was charged.[10]
Pierce is now a major shareholder in IGE, a well-known MMORPG gold-selling company,[11] as well as the chairman of Affinity Media[12] , a company which owns a variety of MMORPG-oriented websites, including Thottbot, IGE, Allakhazam, and OGaming.

Pierce is obviously bisexual at the least. He most likely DID partake in what was taking place in that mansion. As a willing participant. His position as a young producer would have made him be of higher status than the other teenagers. Possibly making him a recipient. It would be obvious that growing up, he played the game as instructed thus became part of the 'circle'. That is the grey area. Was he simply a gay/bisexual interacting or was he a sadistic molester who forced it upon other individuals. This is hard to know. Without conviction.

Brock is an intelligent man. He had that early on. Watching the video and him talking shows that he knew the game and the working of it all by age 17. He would be a master manipulator. Regarding his sexuality, in the video he is wearing an earring indicating 'gay'. Showing that he most likely came out or it was known by many that he explored homosexuality early on. He seems very feminine and very comfortable with it in that interview.

We may never know the truth but I just can't label him a pedophile at this point and have me change opinion of him because of his past. The issue is not about to go away though. I am sure there will be more documentaries and articles made which try to hurt his reputation and the ventures that he involves himself in.

I am not brushing it all of. This is a serious issue. Society needs to deal with it. Yet, just like was said in the video. Most don't even want to talk about it let alone travel down that path.


You have to watch the entire video. I just did.

i uploaded the uncensored version of this to Dtube months ago and i just found it is missing from my DTube Channel! huh?
Edit: I found it (DTube doesn't show videos in my channel list that are older than 1 month for some reason). However, the video will not play - it just times out:!/v/ura-soul/fml71edn

So you lay out a bunch of stuff against Collins-Rector, then you tie it to Pierce because he worked at same company that went bankrupt, and was arrested and released without charge at the same time as Collins-Rector was arrested and charged.
I'm glad the legal burden of proof is a higher level than that of a random blogger spewing accusations on the internet.


Obviously you didn't watch the documentary. It's much more than working at the same company


Obviously i didn't. I read the summary that the blogger posted. It uses poor logic to indict Pierce. But perhaps he just sucks at writing summaries leaving out all of the important information and instead focusing on bankruptcies, political connections, and the actions of a 3rd party.

im lost, so how exactly does this doc prove that Brock Pierce is a predator here? Seem to me like he was the victim. Correct me if I'm wrong


seems entirely possible from the information available in this documentary. in which case its pretty bad for us to go jumping the gun. i am however interested in learning more about the alleged clinton foundation ties regardless.

Daaaaaaaam. Well on another note, I got that "good" booty


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I was so shocked when I found out he was involved with EOS. I really want to believe in EOS because @dan is currently working as the CTO for I'm a huge fan of Dan and it's so hard for me to believe that he would be building a sketchy crypto. I'm convinced that Dan Larimer is doing great things for humanity and the technology he's already created (STEEM and Bitshares) seems to be on a unstoppable track to the benefit of humanity. At the same time seeing Brock Pierce having such an important role with EOS seems to draw the currency's integrity into question. Could EOS be some kind of strange honey trap or a weird plot to bring down @dan and possibly even Steemit?


I guess they only wanted to expose the person and they did up with that video.


i dont believe brock was exposed really in any way in this video. though there is some potential that he was one of the ones that became a kind of a "helper" to pedophiles and serves as a kind of buffer to get kids to feel comfortable and like it is all normal. but this doesnt mean these children are no also victims and perhaps even caught in the throws of something worse...for instance maybe they have gone too far with a psychopath and have very little in the way of strong family support and thus feel as though their lives are literally in danger.

Imagine being a kid who has been a victim and feels like you have no way to protect yourself. In addition...there is a carrot there instead of just a stick...saying "if you just give into this normal behavior and help us 'relax' the other children, you will live the good life and we will take care of you". The Carrot and the Stick is Hallmark in corruption of all kinds and would work quite well in this situation as well.

I have not yet made my decision on what I believe...but we should be very careful throwing around accusations when we simply go off this video. AT LEAST where brock is concerned...


@officialfuzzy Oh I agree 100%. I definitely tend to see Brock as more likely a victim than anything in this case. However, there is the possibility that he has sort of remained a part of the whole twisted system, even as an abused and controlled minion. From what I understand about MK-Ultra type mind control tactics, this type of abuse makes someone like Brock a perfect candidate for control and coercion. My suspicion comes into play when we combine his troubled past with his involvement in the Clinton foundation.

If I were a juror in the court of law I would say there's not enough evidence to convict Brock of anything. As an investor I would be cautious. That's all I'm saying.

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Im willing to look the other way as long as i get to the moon!

If you are inhumane you are exempt human law...not sure if it's so much good to know but...good to know...


which is absurd given that the law should be that kind of system that judges people equally without any sort of distinctions of wealth, race, status, etcetera.

Man...This is heavy. I'm gonna bookmark this for later.


It’s hard to take it. It’s sad that these people now want to move to crypto space.


These people have likely been in the crypto space since the beginning.
The question is whether brock is one of them or a victim himself who felt like he had no choice.

And before people say "he ran a company with this guy"...just remember Carrot and the always more effective than the Stick alone. And for a child who grew up sexually abused...just feeling like you are normal and appreciated (even by your abuser) is a Carrot...

Think Stockholm Syndrome on Steroids...

I am so sick of these creeps ruining the world. Children are NOT a commodity, they are our future. We have to stand up and take our world back from these monsters, shine the light on their crimes, and let people know that this behavior is beyond unacceptable!

Edited to say: I think it is important to note that this man has never been charged with any crime, so all the above information is alledged.


It’s up for the people to decide. We got this video here so that centralised authorities like YouTube don’t delete the video.


I appreciate you showing this video. I sincerely hope you will help us do more research into the other facts of the case so we can determine based off more than this.

If you read this please reach out to me and i'll see how i can support finding out more. However, i want to be clear as well and say if there is no real proof that makes me think brock was 100% a willing facilitator (and not just a victim pressured in ways you and I can barely comprehend) that we are honest and try not to ruin a man's life who may have been trying to leave this behind for many years now.

Just imagine if you were a victim...and grew up to later be called the predator by the population. This would in many ways be worse torture than the events that led up to this. Is this fair to say?


The video was brought here due to the fact that YouTube etc kept deleting it.

Regarding the truth, we all just can’t jump to conclude anything right? As we look at this case more in detail, the documentary does shed some light. I’m sure they wouldn’t blame him for no reason?

Beautiful write up.

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even when so much injustice, the punishment will come some day.


Hopefully the justice is served.

I used to have a channel on Blip.TV called TruthAndJusticeTv. I used to post up video like this on that video feed. Youtube and Google video used to snatch them off their platform. Happy to see steem available for people to share these videos. Dont even have to watch this to know what it is about. But will watch it. Thanks for sharing this.


The centralised social media are just abrupt. If they have money they can do anything or even do it for money. Thus decentralised platform like Steem and dtube is greater.


dear truth hunter i appreciate it all but please dont think steem is decentralized. Ned presently censors people on the platform and upvotes himself to nearly $3k...

Use the tool but dont forget the truth.

Did they have tangible evidence that he did all that, i mean who would do want to go to jail againa and again

Such a shame on these peoples they cant call themself humans. sick ..

Collins rectoer is good person

Their are many sex affairs in English counters this affair is one of them so very bad

Well that would be a pretty bad look if this is real lol

Para la muestra de un boton he aqui un buen post con info que importa por algunos lugares


Unfortunately, these crimes should not be tolerated


Yes. But not many people open up to tell the world what happened.

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this so fucking disgusting on so many levels and nothing he can say or do will make up for it...

I can't just take it when minors are abused, especially by grownups who know the law. Children are abused everyday and nobody seems ti Carr about it.
Growing up in an abusive environment makes me detest abuse of little children more, so I founded FAITH, HOPE And LOVE FOUNDATION for the less pirivildeged children and the abused
This is really pathetic☹️

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This is shocking. I don't know how to react, because the technology behing EOS is pretty dope

Damn that's f up.

This is a shocking & disturbing documentary. No effort must be spared to be vigilant in weeding out these creeps.

Wow kinda shocking that he was able to rise to such prominent positions with this in his past. You'd think he'd want to stay out of the public eye. Crazy world.

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady likes his son very muchScreenshot_20180205-153452.png

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What is very disturbing is the minimum jail time served by these people that are convicted of child abuse.

These predators need to be locked up for a long, long time.

He used to work with Steve Bannon for some World of Warcraft company.

I dont know why child molesters dont face the full wrath of the law


because a culture of pedophilia is one of the big ways to blackmail and control people.

If Mr. Black, Mr. Blue, Mr. Grey and Mrs. White all get together in raunchy sex parties with children and the people who facilitate it are paying Mr. Black, Blue, Grey and Mrs. White to continue on a specific agenda for them...and that agenda is illegal an thus cannot have a legal contract to ensure they fulfill "obligations"...blackmail material is another way.

Of course it goes deeper than this but this is a cornerstone to why it occurs.


Hmmm... you really made alot of sense with this, you are right... i can decode this

Nice .. Thank you!

People change. Even if he was pedophile, that does not make a good businessman, and good blockchain industry leader!! I am a Korean, and I would like to invite him to Seoul.. Youngsook Park

This world is a scary place.

Este articulo me parece una manipulacion , como minimo el autor deberia dar la oportunidad a Brock de defenderse y dar su opinion..

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Wow...What a fuckin' creep. All of the weirdo law-makers and politicians who make and lobby for "slap-on-the-wrist" consequences for child molesters are always the ones popping up in shit like that!

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