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@ninjawhale prices are changing to 1 SBD effective immediately! We have decided to do this to reduce the amount of spam the bot receives. Some people are not using the service the way it is supposed to be used so to combat this we are changing the price to 1 SBD and will be voting after the 15th minute





If you do not like/agree with these changes simply do not use the bot.

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Sent money yesterday got no upvotes

Hello I sent 1SBD a day ago and still haven't received any services.

Hi I sent 1SBD to you for my post, how long untill It gets upvoted?

@ninjawhale please refund me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok just sent 1 sbd to ninjawhale with the bot still working ? havent seen anything ? thanks
PLEASE FOLLOW UP !!!!!! @ninjawhale I see activity in your wallet today,,,,


let me know, still nothing...refound me if you can't deliver please (1 sbd)

Was just reading the below... sent 0.4 apologies for my mistake if you refund I then only I will be able to afford the full amount ...

I just sent .4 before I saw this, so if I send .6 SBD more, will the vote bot be activated? :D
I am also a contributor Mister Ninja ;)


Thanks Boss! Catch you next time, OK? :D

#50 ;)


you guy kick ass for the number of votes for sure

What's your 50 vote value of 1 sbd?

Ok, but If 1 sbd, how much you give us.


don't use.

good efforts @ninjawhale, nice changings, i try your services soon. thanks.

Helllo what is this...?i send you 1.000 SBD but you 50 upvoters give just 0.200 $, what kind of bot is this, no benefit for us. you cheating with us so kindly returned my entire SBD.


You have clearly never used the bot before.... The purpose is not to make a profit directly from the vote. Please read here -


then why you take 500% profit from us after giving no worth of auto votes. you send my entire SBD because i got it with my hardworking, not making with fraud as you.


your this link about detail is 2 month older, then you take 0.400 sbd . and you should clear all the rules in your latest article. if you clarify yourself by using reference of this old link then consider your fess 0.400sbd according to it. and returned backmy entire sbd. otherwise i have a right to write article against you and shows your frauds and you making fool to newbies and monnows just making your own SBD. think about it.


Correct, the post is 2 months old.... That does not mean the purpose has changed. Feel free to make a post about us, We do not care. It will not affect us in anyway. If you do not like the service simply do not use it again.


Yes, we don't care :p

Once I get my SP lined out, the values will go UP.
But I intend to keep my contribution at 20%, it
will be increased once I get more SP back in my
account. I called in some SP that was delegated
and I intend to buy more pretty soon!

I just sent .4 before too! Before I noticed the PRICE HAS CHANGED.