update 2. I bought an amazon giftcard and an item off of my (wife's) amazon wishlist.

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Ok, so, waggro is still in effect here. I have to show my spouse that I can turn virtual crypto currency into real life goods to help satiate the concern that crypto isn't real. Now some of you hard core crypto hounds might be a little triggered by that. I'm of the opinion that government fiat isn't real. They can print as much as they want whenever they want. It's backed by violence and a system designed to steal wealth from the poor to deliver to the rich. So, I think the onus is on fiat to show that it's a real currency rather than a giant scam, but that's a tough economic discussion to have with muh wife. So... paywithsteem it is!

To that end I bought a pair of earbuds from paywithsteem not that long ago. That was a good experience, but the website that they built is a selling a bunch of stuff that I can't really make long term plans off of. It's watches and hoodies and keyboards. It's going to take 2 weeks for my earbuds to get here. I want something a little more immediate. So, I complained raised my concern that we need something a little more immediate.

He told me to put together a wish list of stuff that I would want to see sold on the storefront. He came back and said "All this stuff is just from Amazon? Let's do a wishlist." I created a short wishlist comprised of Puffs Plus moisturized facial tissues and a $50 Amazon gift card.

Since the script isn't ready we figured out the cost of tissues and giftcards and priced it in steem. He did a 15% markup (roughly half of this is in btc fees). Shipping was free as he currently has amazon prime. I manually sent him a steem transfer and he then purchased puffs plus moisturized facial tissues and the gift card. He showed me a note from Amazon showing that it had been ordered and a order number. I then received the egift card a few minutes later.

I guess I'm back to say I continue to like this service. My wife has already applied the Amazon giftcard to her account. My next plan is to wait a bit for the price of steem to go up and then use some of my liquid steem to purchase more giftcards and let steem pay for some of our household expenses.


Good Stuff.. hubby was a convert early on after I presented him with a PS4 and VR set paid for with some steem (converted to btc) plus btc on my coinjar atm card. When steem goes up I'll use Livingroom of Satoshi to pay bills

Wow awesome ill try it when i get home

ok so this is amazing, this is the kind of thing I need to help me sell this steemit idea to my friends, I am having a hard time and, I do not want my spill to sounds like a get rich scheme. If I can show my friends there is physical reward . Anyways I am rambling (see the problem I have) thanks again for showing this off and as soon as I make a little more steem or sbd I will try the service out.
Thanks again!!!!!!

Sounds like a great way to prove it is real. :)

Thanks for the update...,i like this idea.....gonna need to check it out further

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Keeping in mind how high the BTC fees are getting, does it really make sense for it to remain the gold standard of crypto in the long run? STEEM certainly has a few serious advantages over BTC as far as commerce goes - no fees, instant transactions and a more stable liquid version pegged to the most popular fiat currency. The huge thing that it's missing is a way to spend it more effortlessly. Sites like this are something that should exists, but what really needs to start happening is for larger merchants starting to accept crypto, preferably not just BTC.


nice! there is "trust" in steem... that is what makes its value

PayWithSteem? What is this? I just noticed this post and am going to investigate.

Thank you for for shopping with us!

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Lol Waggro. New word for my lexicon. Very true though, the trouble n strife is always hassling about the time I spend in Steemit and crypto in general.

same here :)

And not on the growing to do list?? That is the balance I am always outa balance with.

I have about 500 things I need to do around the house. :-/

nice i was thinking of this all time and finally someone came up and make it real

Now that is pretty cool!

Sucks he has to pay Amazon with BTC... They don't take LTC? Their fees are much lower, right?

Good to hear it's having some success!

He's converting steem to btc to fiat. Amazon doesn't take btc. I had that same discussion. Could probably save me $3-7% by using ltc and coinbase, but there's other issues.

I wonder.... If he already has a Paypal business account... Or other business receipt account, if I could pay him in fiat and buy Steem from him. Because I want to power up. Maybe another aspect to his business?!?

this is promising. I think with Amazon API it should be possible to automate the whole process where in the manual emailing etc can be avoided.

I'm of the opinion that government fiat isn't real. They can print as much as they want whenever they want. It's backed by violence and a system designed to steal wealth from the poor to deliver to the rich.

I was just talking about the exact same thing with my friends and then I bump into your lovely post. Wish more people knew this. I don't understand how can in a world of instant information this still be unknown to most of the population. The system is criminal and corrupt and benefits no one except the rich.

I thought cryptos will finally put an end to their tyranny but as they get more popular all governments want their piece of the pie and start "collecting" (stealing) our hard earned money through taxes and all means necessary.

Maybe cryptos are just the upgrade from their soon to be failed monetary system which is completely unstable and unsustainable.

Starting to loose fate for a better future a bit but still hoping same things wont happen with Steem when it gets popular.

Resteemed for support, everyone should know this. Also I never heard of paywithsteem. Sounds like a great idea. Gonna check it out, thanks for letting me know.
Edit: love the site and the idea behind it this is a great contribution to steemit. Do they ship worldwide?

@paywithsteem. I don't know. I think just US right meow.

Let's hope this thing does change the world.

Yep, only US. Hopefully they go worldwide soon and reduce the 15% fee for ordering from Amazon because it's too big imo. But generaly a great idea to keep the steem in the ecosystem and give the people an ability to spend it as they wish. This will just help grow steemit more.

Yep, this is our last chance. The reach of their octopus is just too great. "They" got their tentacles in every single part of our lifes and they just wont let go. Just want more and more as each day passes. "They"are the parasites of this world and we the people are their hosts. It's disgusting. I wish to move to a freer country because the oppression I'm feeling from the system in Croatia is just too great. America is running our country low key and most of the people are blind to this and I'm sick of it.

Your wife must be pretty happy and she might trust a bit more crypto
I wish there was a huge supermarket chain that accepted Steem for all their products
Hopefully will be in the future
I saluted in the Discord Channel the PayWithSteem team
I wish Them Good luck

Ditto. What I really want is groceries. I guess I'll take this backdoor in with Amazon.

I wish I could buy groceries too
I'll be making a post every time before going shopping 🛍 to buy my food with

Pretty awesome! Goes to show the rewards for creating original posts can really turn into tangible goods!

It was acceptable to her. that's what mattered to me today.

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ohh really ??

Thanks for this. It's my first time hearing about and it sounds pretty good. Too bad that 15% isn't a discount though... Someday!

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