Weekly SBD Payouts for Followers

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Just follow this account and receive the SBD rewards from this weekly announcement post. For now, the funds are dispersed evenly across all followers. This might change to pay based on certain parameters such as: Activity, SP, Balances, Reputation, Followers, Following, etc... so I can filter out spam accounts. I want this SBD to reach real users!

We reserve the right to not make payouts to accounts that are inactive or on blacklists. This campaign can stop and/or start at any time. It is anticipated that it will be run every 7 days automatically dispersing the funds collected from the post. Anybody can follow to participate and unfollow to exclude themselves from payouts.

Upvote, Resteem, Comment & Follow to help fund this campaign!

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He's providing generosity.


They won't necessarily be advertising campaigns. I'm going to try to engage with my followers the best way possible.


Thank you for your gifts !


I think @money-dreamer is dedicating for this community..


I am promoting my account.

Upvote and resteem

Received with thanks!

Thanks man

How does this incentive bring quality to STEEMIT? How is sharing rewards from a post a contribution to the quality of steemit?


I am working on a project where I will focus on interacting with my followers.

It is up on GitHub:


I figure that I can make a mutually beneficial relationship that will be profitable for myself and then I can share this profit.

I will be further refining the payouts to exclude obvious spam accounts. The payouts will be larger for the followers that participate in the activities that I will be hosting.

Here is one of the activities that I am hosting where followers can participate:


Thanks for asking such a great question!


Thanks for the swift response! All sounds pretty good -- I am somewhat interested! I went ahead and joined the contest. (I think I did it right)

Hopefully you can take on those stupid robots! :)

Hi! 😆 Thank you for the bonuses... I'm so grateful.. Your generosity boost my energy.. Really..😍😆

Thank you for giving other people the opportunity to grow! Especially to newbies! Thank you very much!

I have been receiving SBD from this account @money-dreamer Good job👍


More to come!

Upvote,resteem,follow and comment...all done... :)

Moar like this!

you're making steemit a great community with your content @money-dreamer ! keep it up!

What a nice platform. Keep it up!


Many thanks for this @money-dreamer

So much appreciated! :)

nice job frnd keep it up - i already following

go on good job for help new steemers

Upvote,resteem,follow and comment :)
THANK YOU @money-dreamer

That's very generous of you! It was a nice surprise.

This is encouraging for steemit/steem newbies...well done @money-dreamer

Thanks for giving back, truly appreciate it. Just got my first payout. You rock!!!

Fantastic philanthropy....nice one. Upvoted and resteemed. :) Peace.

gracias!!! recibidos!



sounds interesting...i have upvoted.

appreciate it!

Thank you :)

It's a cool thing for minnows, that are without coins to buy some candy or a snack... thank you very much, @money-dreamer! :)

Amazing post
Creativity at its best
Erm... I have a new post on my blog that i recommend for you.
I think it will help you and in other way it will help me too.Please upvote to put me in a good start as a new steemian.
Thank u

Hi @money-dreamer,,thank very much for your kindness that has sent something very valuable to me .. I can not repay your kindness, hope that you can get success...

Campaigns like this shows true selflessness! Hope others will follow suite and continue to grow and support this community! Love it great job everyone!

Yes.... Offering reward/payout with no strings attached this is proper minnow territory.

Love it great idea thanks to the creators

thanks for the payment.
I continue to practice.

Wow..this is so nice of you..I just start steemit.I found it hard to get reward, my post rarely got notice and my comment also rarely got upvote..so with this can help, steemian like me can grow..thank you so much

such a cool thing @money-dreamer . Not sure If I received anything but that's ok lol


You got yours:

It shows in your wallet tab.

i got too.. its legit.. thanks you bro

I love this idea and sincerely appreciate Steemians as yourself who benevolently help others get their footholds. For a new user like myself, it really helps me to get noticed and earn power. That's one of the many reasons I love Steem and really think this is the way of the future. Someday when I have a bigger platform I plan to give back as much as I can just as you are. Thanks again!

followed and resteemed! thanks for the gift :)

Thank you money-dreamer!

really solid and good program/campaign with you, frankly I really like it, until I do not sleep from night to follow your post.
and no words I deserve to say other than a very big thank you for your kindness.

really solid and good program you, frankly I really like it, until I do not sleep from night to follow your post.
and no words I deserve to say other than a very big thank you for your kindness.

Thank you. I didn't know that you sent me SBD until I check my wallet memo.

hi bro :)
have a good time :) everybody :)

Upvoted, Resteemed, Commented & Followed!


Nice way to help newbie like myself.... thank u so much.

Thank's @money-dreamer. You are showing that you love steemit. Good Job my friend.

Just wow - thanks for spreading the love!
This is an awesomely clever business model and remember: Sharing is Caring!🐋

Thanks @money-dreamer. Very kind of you! It is kind of like our own steem faucet. 😎

Awesome man! Was pleasantly surprised to see one. Thanks so much!

im with u in this campaign.
upvoted to show my interests

@money-dreamer Thanks, I can confirm I have received my payout. I have upvoted to help fund the project. Keep up the good work and helping out little old minnows like me 🙂

Also i resteem it!! So kind of you!!!

Brilliant idea cool
Keep it up

Amazing what you're doing here! Helping others and everyone wins :)

upvote and resteem my post.

Por cierto ya te voté como testigo @money-dreamer

Thank you for your kindness, very much appreciated, i'm already following you :)

Already spread the voice ;P resteemed by all my close friends <3


This a great help to everyone. Thank you very much! :)

Thank you so much. Thismis good.

Thanks for the bonus

Great stuff.. thanks Money-dreamer!!!

Congratulations @money-dreamer!
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I also benefited from the payouts thank you,it is very real

Thanks for your generosity to everyone!!upvoted and resteemed!!

Wow Thank-you Money-Dreamer!! You Da Man!!

i am very happy to so you recive me 0.003 SBD S thanksyou for @maoney-dreamer

upvoted and resteemed. Hope will be good.

Thanks for giving back, truly appreciate it

oh this so cooool upvoted & followed :) thanks