30 SBD WebGL Screen Capture Contest

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  • 1 Grand Prize Winner of 10 SBD
  • 10 1st Place Winners of 1 SBD
  • 100 Runner Up Winners of 0.1 SBD



Do not link directly to the WebGL experiment page itself. Link to the Overview page. Some users do not want to click directly to the experiment because their computers might be real slow on those pages. So, you must link to the overview and not link to the experiment itself to qualify for the prize. Entries are made by leaving a comment on this post with a link to the overview page and a screen capture of the WebGL experiment as demonstrated below. Please use an application like the "Snipping Tool" in Microsoft Windows so that nothing from outside the browser window is included. There is a maximum of 10 entrants per account.

The winners will be decided based on:

  • Upvotes on your entry
  • Replies to your entry
  • Manual review of your entry
  • Peer evaluation of your entry
  • Automated analysis of entry
  • Authenticity of account

Users that help review the images will receive upvotes. Comments and upvotes from users that help review the images will have heavy weight on the decision for who the final winners are. Entrants must Follow @money-dreamer and Resteem this post to qualify. There will be a maximum of 111 winners but could be less if there are not enough entrants. Images must be suitable for general audiences. No profanity, violence, nudity, etc...

Sample Entries





Love the WebGL integration from Facebook! Very amazig!



Hi @kephawalks

I see you replying a bit here. Can you correct some of the entries that don't have the correct URL? I'll try to upvote your comments when I see them.

What DO You Mean?

If you help with the moderation of the entries - if you let users know if they are not following the rules.

Ahahahahaah, it's very helpful webgl project))

The image is suppoesed to be from Google Chrome Experiments and there needs to be a link to the overview page for the graphics display.

This my screen capture
"the calm valley"


Where Is The Overview Link?

kephawalks (35) · 4 days ago

Where Is The Overview Link?

ho, is just my inspiration.im add a name at all my screen-capture.

I can see poetry in this one!

poetry will always be inside us. Just have to feel it.

Walking Down the L Train

By Fengyi Franklin Zhu

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 2.53.29 PM.png


This one's like watching a rain of emoji, makes me want to sleep.




This one's pretty cool, it's the Japanese Hiragana character.


Quitting my job to free up time to stare at this :)

I Do Like That one!

It looks like a Hangul character for me in Korea. I think it stands for letter J.

it's the hiragana character for E

Been studying some Japanese as I'm heading to Japan for a holiday soon.

This is amazing!

I studied Japanese back back back then and since I haven't been using it, I forgot about it. I can tell which one is Japanese character from a Korean character though hahaha.

I used to teach English to Koreans and Japanese students.

Yes! I still think you can distinguish the difference between the characters in both language.

I recommend downloading Duolingo if you are looking to touch up on your Japanese :)

thanks! Haven't heard of Duolingo but now that you're recommending it, I'm going to have to look it up!

Enjoy the Japan holiday trip!

It's my capture. glitch

Will you now follow me please!!! @sakib-khan

You Have To Have The Overview Link Not The Direct Link To The Project In Order To Be qualified in the contest.- Here Is The Correct Link- https://experiments.withgoogle.com/chrome/glitch

this is nice...simple but terrible

Just two words: "Very Unique"

Let's you go to this page and see the amazing uniqueness when you see the picture moving. Like there are thousands of mystery people walking each other aimlessly. They are like spirits who lose their bodies and are confused looking for their bodies. Invented by Masatatsu Nakamura, very creative


Very happy with that your 'Perfect' said ^_^

This one is very interesting! I had a good time browsing through them but it slowed my phone down considerably.


hoping that i'll be included to the list.
Hope you notice my entry sir @money-dreamer.

thank you :)

Did you follow and resteem? If so, it will be added. You have the correct link and graphic. This is fine for the first contest but try not to get the background and screen controls in the graphic unless if it is necessary.

yes sir i will. thanKs for the correction :)

This one looks like a triple tornado of sand, I like it too.

Yes! But, can you link to the overview page of this specific experiment so the source is known.

Ok Sorry.. I Will Just Edit It!

does this apply to any experiment you personally like? Or do we need to code one ourselfs? Can the screenshot be a gif?

It can be any WebGL experiment from this never ending list:


It doesn't matter what format the image is as long as it displays properly in here.

You do not have to code one yourself.

It's an image crying out for freedom. Nice one..

Those hands are looking to grab some one! Not me though. Awesome image

hahaha quite interesting

Amazing image

Nice one dear

Ghost mode,great

Haha I like this colourful image in ghost mode

Beautifully scary... Success

Lol it looks like someone I know...haha

Yeah... Indeed colorful and captivating

Nice one bro.

Smoke in the air. It has to be colourful... Haha


This one reminds me the best show ever...
Rick & Morty

It actually is lol

All the best.

All the best.

This one is pretty impressive too. You can actually move it around and it has some audio! @money-dreamer Thank you for this project, I'm having fun and I think we found a new toy!




Very nice. There are some amazing WebGL applications in there. A lot of them are much more than just graphical.

Mr. Zurkon approves you

Wow! I didn't find this one! So Great!

No entendí el concurso jejeje, pero este está bueno!!

This is beautiful

I like this.

WOW 😍!!!

i love this.... it really caught my attention

You are doing great.

You are doing great.

DISTORT by Yoichi Kobayashi
Interactive sketches made with three J. S.


Wow this is so beautiful and cool thanks for sharing keep up the good work

Nice one dear

Holy mom https://lionel.me/experiments/roadtrip/

just seen your entry

I found this one and it made me dizzy :( looks like you're in the front seat of a race car.

-Wow My Head Is Spinning!!

They are amazing. I can hear my fans kicking in for my GPU.

Great! This is the link for the overview page:


I checked and read into how it was made, the guy has tons of patience and he made it sound easy to make it but I doubt I'd be able to do something like this even if it's just a kilometer distance from point a and b. Well done! My computer hang while I was playing around it. LOL

Catch a resteem bro!

Thanks for the Resteem! Are you gonna comment a screenshot to enter the contest?

EDIT: just seen your entry :)

Hi @money-dreamer
The webGL is a wonderful tool.
Thanks for the contest!

Interactive music visualizations using your webcam
By Eoghan O'Keeffe

Forms in motion, interact spontaneously, knitting emergent interconnections. A continuous reflexive process — coheres through ascending scales of complexity; recurs through cycles of entropy and order.

Moving through scales, evoking natural forms: From primordial matter, forms; ovum, animal.

Through self; community.
Towards interconnection; cohesion.

The video presents a continuous reflexive process: several images in movement, which interact spontaneously weaving emerging interconnections, reflecting a great complexity that they ascend through ordered and entropic cycles.
Regards @wayuu-reg !

I like the music too. I'm listening to it while looking at the other graphics too.

Very nice video! I enjoyed watching and listening to it. Only graphics will qualify to win, however. Thanks!

This is a good one. I have seen it a couple times. It's hard to get a screen capture of the eyes looking straight forward.

Cheers mate, and you're not wrong there!


By Luxloop

An interactive music video for the single "Pigments" by Elohim.

Connect your phone to the interactive video on your computer - tap a heartbeat rhythm to keep the video alive and unlock its pigments.

Hello @money-dreamer
This is my participation:
"Webcam Displacement". By Mr.doob

This time I was wondering what would happen if I extruded a 3D plane using the light information from the webcam. If you ever want to make yourself uglier this little thing will come handy.

This a a masterpiece! i like how the polygons/object works. there are many things to play with . such fun!




This is great, it's artificial intelligence for images, you can find things by putting 2 images, do not explain it well the best is that you try it.

here a description of the site:

They say any two people in the world can be connected through friends of friends, just in a few steps. How about artworks? Using Machine Learning techniques that analyze the visual features of artworks, X Degrees of Separation finds pathways between any two artifacts, connecting the two through a chain of artworks. This network of connected artworks allows X Degrees of Separation to take us on the scenic route where serendipity is waiting at every step: surprising connections, masterful works by unknown artists or the hidden beauty of mundane objects.


Very good, how do I participate?

Use a tool like the "Snipping Tool" in MS Windows to take a screen capture from one of the WebGL Google Chrome Experiments from here:


Make sure you leave a link to the overview page for the experiment you choose. There is a huge list of demonstrations to choose from.

Is there a special label?

Do you mean tag? This is my first contest I'm hosting. Is that how they are typically run? I was planning on having entrants just comment with their entries.

I participated in one where it was labeled,
Where would you place the entrance? How would the title?

I'm just going to do this contest with entries as replies to this original post with a screen capture and link in it.

I understand, I'm going to participate

Interactive music visualizations using your webcam


This one is really beautiful! I would love to do this all day.

This Scores 100% for me an experiment that's just like a game !
i'm a hardcore gamer so it's nice to go on classic mode game like this.
your like popping bubbles but this time it's on different shapes.



Voted for this as well.

Thanks for helping evaluate the entries.

Voted for you man

Thanks you sir :D

Thanks for helping evaluate the entries.

Wow Pretty One! But You Should Use The Overview Link

The link has to be in the 1st level reply with the graphic to qualify.

I love the lavender and this one! Very beautiful!

This experiment creates a point cloud reconstructing the 3D scene captured with the new Android Lens Blur pictures. Use your own images from your Android device and play around with the reconstructed scene.

This makes me think of the cycle that we go through to find what is meaningful and what our purpose is.

who can participate in this contest?

Anyone that follows, resteems, posts a screenshot of a graphic from Google Chrome Experiments & pastes the link to the overview page can participate up to 10 times.

thank you very much for the explanation

Please when is the contest likely to end.

It will end at the time of curation of this post.

My interpretation to this is that there are people who wants to change and get out to the barrier of their life and have a colorful and meaningful way of life, just like the color fluid.
@money-dreamer Thank you for this contest. :)